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Brooklyn-style pies in Streeterville

When pondering “Brooklyn style”, it's highly likely you're reading a New York Times trend piece about what the kids in Williamsburg are up to (mustaches!), that is, until Flour & Stone stepped in to give you literal (and unironic) food for thought with a cleanly tiled Brooklyn-style pizzeria in Streeterville.Flour & Stone’s gas-fired brick oven cooks the thin-crust 13in pies in less than five minutes, far faster than the hour it takes to cook a deep dish, and the day it takes to digest it.Classic choices include the... Classic, with your choice of pepperoni or sausage and the signature crust that’s crunchy outside but chewy inside, also Chewbacca's short-lived, all-Wookiee talk show.The Florentine comes with spinach, mushrooms, onion, garlic, and the Renaissance painter of your choice (party dudes generally pick Michelangelo).The white-sauced bacon pizza's spiced up with crushed red pepper, and just might inspire a NYT piece about how the kids just love eating bacon on stuff these days.