Eclectic eats and mix-your-own drinks

We all know the French are at their best when surrendering to other cultures. So it's understandable for Little Market Brasserie to go beyond Gallic, serving the likes of three-cheese ravioli and New York strip steaks in a sleekly appointed 150-seater run by the Tavernita team

Dust off your finest denim jacket, vest, and jeans and know that they'll soon be way too tight thanks to this Montreal-style poutine taken up a level with braised short ribs, or opt for sandwich action like baja lobster rolls with chipotle cabbage slaw

They have a lineup of Italian-inspired pastas to boot (!) like this puttanesca with shrimp and capers in a spicy tomato sauce, and further entree-ness like monkfish w/ lentils, squash & bacon in a Bordelaise sauce

Ever have the urge to punch a redhead in the face? Stay away from Danny Bonaduce and instead quench your bloodlust with this Ginger Smash (bourbon, lemon, mint, and candied ginger), or take a self-directed approach and choose from 17 spirits and mix with one of five housemade sodas like hibiscus vanilla or cinnamon & blood orange, the sight of which will immediately cause any Frenchman to surrender.