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Mediterranean flavor in Lincoln Square

Not just what OJ's lawyer used to say when he was feeling sad, Johnnie Blue is also a new fireplace-equipped lounge, named for a certain Scotch of which the Lebanese owner is particularly fond. He's naturally stocking the whisky in his tin-ceiling'd joint, which combines Mediterranean flavor and a deep selection of brown liquor

Start getting your graze on with a platter of Kalamata olives served with salami and Bulgarian feta

Broiled salmon gets sided up with fresh mangos and spinach, before getting white wine sauce'd, also how grandma ends up saying kinda racist stuff at family dinners

These Porterhouse steak kabobs are grilled over wood charcoal, with other skewered meat options including pork and chicken, or jumbo shrimp if you prefer seafood/ oxymorons

This lightly whipped, strawberry-topped cheesecake has a graham cracker crust and one ingredient that they're keeping top-secret, coincidentally how 2008 Val Kilmer reminisced about the days before he started eating way too much cheesecake.