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Fast Indian flavor in the West Loop

A combination of two Hindi words -- "saat" meaning seven, as in the seven Chakras in the human body, and "taaza", which means fresh, as in fresh food/ Bel Air princes -- Sataza's also combining Indian flavor with American fast-casual know-how, mimicking a Chipotle-like configuration that provides a simple path to creating your own Indian delights

First among bases is tongue-kissing, but after that try the chapati, an Indian flatbread that's given a layer of split-lentil spread before you move on to your protein and topping choices, like this marinated boti steak with chickpeas, cucumbers, and serrano-spiced mango mint chutney

If you're craving something fork-friendly, bowls start with either greens, or basmati rice, which in the creation above is topped off with grilled tandoori paneer, carrots, onions, and "Red-Hot" chutney, made with chiles and coconut milk in lieu of spicy heart-shaped cinnamon candies from Valentine's Day 1994

Should you seek something extra on the side, samosas come in either chicken or spinach dough-wrapped veg version, or opt for some masala- & cilantro-spiced meatballs, combining the English words for animal flesh and what Will was lacking when his mom made him leave West Philly