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Attention Chicago: Go buy this Cheez-It cake right now

Published On 10/14/2013 Published On 10/14/2013
Stephanie Izard Little Goat Cheez-It cake

In a world where the wedding industry is bombarded with multi-tiered, orchid-accented $400 cakes, one chef stood up and said, "Screw it, I'm having a Cheez-It cake". Then she took it one step further and served up slices of the stuff to the Cheez-It confectionery-starved public at her own restaurant. Bless you, Stephanie Izard, you glorious Top Chef all-star

When Izard tied the knot with craft beer consultant Gary Valentine on Sunday, she obviously had a crazy delicious menu lined up. Her buddy Giuseppe Tentori plated red wine-braised beef short ribs and roasted black cod with grilled fennel and heirloom sauce, but the most impressive dish was the dessert. Izard's own pastry chef at Girl & the Goat, Matthew Rice, made a wedding cake largely from supplies you'd find in a college freshman's dorm, or stowed under an 8yr-old's bed. One layer was strawberry Nesquick and chocolate marble with a bacon buttercream frosting. The other was that epic Cheez-It cake with chocolate ganache, peanut butter, and chocolate-covered Cheez-Its. This is such perfect stoner food, you could open a restaurant in Colorado called Chocolate Covered Cheez-It's and retire a billionaire

The good news is you don't have to be angry that you didn't snag an invite to the Cheez-It party. Izard announced on Thursday she'd be selling pieces at her other Chicago restaurant, Little Goat. And they're just $3. Cheez-It cake is real and can be yours. Now hustle over to Little Goat, fools.