The 15 Best Donut Shops in Chicago

Indulge a little.

If Chicagoans ever needed a good excuse to indulge in something sweet, this epic winter certainly qualified. Between the near-constant snow storms, street fights over parking dibs, and that ongoing pandemic thing, it’s high time we squeeze into our best oversized sweat suits and unabashedly drown our feelings in fried deliciousness courtesy of one of the city’s all-time greatest donut peddlers. Here’s where to start.

Courtesy of Doughnut Vault

Doughnut Vault

River North
This sugary offering from Hogsalt Hospitality (Au Cheval, Bavette's) fits right into the restaurant group’s all-star lineup. Expect a mix of intriguing specials like glazed chestnut and an old fashioned-style pistachio number sprinkled with crunchy nuts alongside tasty standards. Make sure to get yours while they’re hot—once this joint sells out of treats they close up shop.
How to order: Available for in-person pick-up and delivery via Tock, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Caviar, and DoorDash.

Stan's Donuts and Coffee Chicago
Courtesy of Stan's Donuts and Coffee Chicago

Stan's Donuts & Coffee

Multiple locations
This crave-worthy LA-transplant arrived in Wicker Park back in 2014 and has since managed to stage a total citywide takeover with shops multiplying like wet gremlins from the Gold Coast to the ‘burbs. And for good reason. Their menu is both extensive and inventive, running the gamut from classic glazed, cake, cruller, and old-fashioned selections to newfangled creations like red velvet, glazed pretzel twists, and their signature stuffed pockets, plump squares of dough injected with hearty fillings like nutella, peanut butter, or banana cream. To boot, there’s always a handful vegan and gluten-free options and some locations even serve breakfast “stanwiches” to satisfy the savory set.
How to order: Drop by your nearest location or snag pick-up and delivery via Aloha, GrubHub, DoorDash, Tock, and Uber Eats.

Courtesy of BomboBar


West Loop
“Eat dessert first” is the mantra at this walk-up Bar Siena offshoot, where starry-eyed West Loopers line up for Italian-style bomboloni served up by the half or full dozen. The holeless donuts come loaded with fillings ranging from classic (salted caramel, raspberry, vanilla bean custard, nutella) to “over the top” (s’mores, cherry cheesecake,  fruity pebbles & cereal milk). Pair yours with a scoop of housemade gelato and a fanciful hot chocolate bomb and deal with that pesky dentist bill another day.
How to order: Hit up the West Loop window in-person or secure pick-up and delivery online and via Uber Eats, Caviar, and DoorDash.

D & D’s Place

Old Fashioned Donuts protegee Devell Brittman and his wife Lolita are behind this South Side multi-award-winner, praised the city over for their pillowy, devilishly-sticky glazed originals as well as their legendary Texas-sized apple fritters served as big as a funnel cake and 10 times as delicious.
How to order: Stop in for counter service or call 773-778-7007 for carry-out.

Courtesyt of Firecakes Donuts


River North, Lincoln Park, Oak Park
This triple threat Northsider has the usuals on lock, to be sure, but they’re particularly revered for their off-beat inventions like pineapple coconut fritters, chili-lime-mango glazed, and pepper-dusted candied bacon long johns—flavors so crazy they just might work (spoiler alert: they do). Slice one of those bad boys in half, dollop a scoop of creamy housemade ice cream in between, and consider breakfast good and served.
How to order: Stop in for carry-out, order pick-up through Toast, or get your delivery fix via GrubHub (River North, Lincoln Park, Oak Park) and Postmates (Lincoln Park).

Weber’s Bakery

Garfield Ridge
Another South Side gem, this treasure dates back to 1930 and stands proudly as one of the city’s oldest continually operating bakeries. Today the joint remains as mom & pop as ever, filled with friendly chatter and a maze of illuminated display cases crammed full of tempting confections. Go with the iconic chocolate cake donut, its shockingly delicate doughy center crowned with a thick slab of fragrant fudge, or a chocolate-frosted bismarck overflowing with creamy, eggy custard.
How to order: Pop in for counter service, call 773-586-1234 or go online to schedule curbside pick-up, and delivery via Postmates.

Do-Rite Donuts
Courtesy of Do-Rite Donuts

Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

Multiple locations
Perfectly crisp and pristinely brined Southern fried chicken? Check. Sinfully decadent donuts smothered in gooey glazes and topped with salty-sweet bacon strips or rich swirls of chocolate ganache? Double check. Perfectly crisp and pristinely brined Southern fried chicken stuffed inside a sinfully decadent donut and layered with cheddar, bacon, and ranch? Let’s just say you have to see it to believe it.
How to order: Drop by your nearest location or snag pick-up and delivery via ChowNow, GrubHub, Caviar, Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash.

dinkel's bakery chicago raspberry bismarck donut
Photo by Sean Cooley

Dinkel's Bakery

This OG made-from-scratch purveyor has been slapping smiles on the faces of Northsiders since your granddaddy was in short pants. Nothing fancy hare, just a time-honored bounty of chocolate fudge donuts, crunchy old fashioneds, fruit-laden fritters, and more, served up with a generous side of neighborly affection.
How to order: Pop in for counter service or snag pick-up and delivery via GrubHub and Postmates.

Dat Donut

Who dat? None other than this venerable South Side institution, of course! 25 years of hand-cut glazed donuts, dense apple fritters, steamy cinnamon rolls, glistening bow ties, and gargantuan “Big Dats” has earned this family favorite a permanent spot in the hearts of Chatham’s finest and hungriest.
How to order: Stop in for counter service or call 773-723-1002 for carry-out.

photo by Faith Blackwell

Old Fashioned Donuts

Founded by South Side Donut King Buritt “Mr. B” Bulloch back in 1972, this endearingly no frills outpost doesn’t mess around when it comes to fresh pastries. Bismarck bursting with tangy strawberry preserves beneath a snowfall of powdered sugar, yeast-raised caramel donuts as fluffy as afternoon clouds, Devil’s Food cake engulfed in a thick ocean of chocolate icing, apple fritters the size of a small spaceship—that right there is a recipe for eternal success.
How to order: Drop into the friendly shop for counter service or call 773-995-7420 for carry-out.

Liberation Donuts jelly-filled
Courtesy of Upton's Naturals

Liberation Donuts

West Town
Attention Chi-town vegans: Your very own donut shop has finally arrived. Sharing a space with similarly veggie-friendly cafe Upton's Breakroom, this 100% animal product-free venture fries up revolutionary-minded concoctions on the daily, tickling the senses and fueling the good fight with options like rabble-rousing Balaclava, a plain cake donut hidden beneath a mask of sweet tahini glaze and topped with pumpkin seed baklava.
How to order: Stop by for counter service or snag pick-up and delivery via Uber Eats and Tock.


West Town
Ex-Publican chefs Erika Chan and Sieger Bayer are the culinary dream team behind this colorful West Town newcomer stashed inside Metric’ sleek West Town headquarters. The savvy pair has quickly made a name for themselves by cranking out exceptional pies, enticing savory pastries, and, most importantly, some of Chicago’s most inspired donuts. Anyone up for a yeasted number teeming with nutty Emperor's Genmaicha tea and finished with caramel-lemon icing and crisp puffed grains? How about a spiced carrot cake version layered with pineapple cream cheese icing, elegant carrot pâte de fruit, and candied walnuts? Yep, thought so.
How to order: Hit up Metric Coffee’s West Fulton cafe for counter service or schedule pick-up and delivery via Tock.

Dip and Sip Donuts Chicago
Courtesy of Dip and Sip Donuts Chicago

Dip and Sip Donuts

North Center
From the cheery retro design to the melt-in-your-mouth baked goods, this modern throwback simply buzzes with neighborhood charm. Stock up on feisty best-sellers like chili-flecked Mexican hot chocolate and vanilla tie-dye marble with rainbow sprinkles—each available with or without gluten, by the way—or take matters into your own hands with a customized batch prepared with the glaze, drizzle, and toppings of your choosing. 
How to order: Head to the shop for counter service, schedule curbside pick-up via Ritual, or get it delivered through GrubHub.

Beacon Doughnut Co. glazed
Courtesy of Beacon Doughnut Co.
Downstate Donuts
Courtesy of Downstate Donuts

Downstate Donuts

Multiple cafe locations
Believe it or not, this forward-thinking wholesale operation harnesses the starchy, versatile powers of the humble potato to set its ultra-unique lineup apart from the rest of the wheaty bunch. Available in both gluten-free and gluten-full versions, these curiously textured treats make ample use of their base’s naturally velvety mouthfeel and come dolled up with seasonal organic-focused ingredients like local produce, artisanal extracts, and specialty spices. Don’t knock it until you try it (and you’ll definitely want to try the miso-honey butter glazed with black sesame seeds ASAP).
How to order: Hit up your nearest partner cafe for counter service, track down the Donut Trike for outdoor snacking, or schedule weekend delivery straight from the source online.

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