Where to get 29 Chicago dishes your hangover desperately needs right now

Because it currently feels like a flock of angry seagulls laid a batch of eggs in your brain, treat yourself to Chicago's 29 finest post-NYE hangover foods. Orrrrrr just stare at these photos lustily while you wait for your microwave to inform you that your Hot Pocket is ready.

fatsos last stand
Mike Gebert

Fatso’s Last Stand

Ukrainian Village
What you're getting: Double Fatso
Nothing says "Happy New Year" like a Double Fatso with cheese. Or something.

pho viet nam
Mike Gebert

Nha Hang

What you're getting: Pho Viet Nam
It's like aspirin, but in bowl form.

Titus Ruscitti

Taqueria Traspasada

Ukrainian Village
What you're getting: Saudero taco
You could do worse than a Suadero taco. But could you do... better?

bloody mary
Amber Davis and Elaine Lopez

Headquarters Beercade

What you're getting: Sip 'n Slider
The Sip ‘n Slider is just ridiculous. In a good, slider-y kind of way.

brunch dog
Mike Gebert

Franks ‘N Dawgs

Lincoln Park
What you're getting: Brunch Dog
Behold: the glorious Brunch Dog. Thou shalt have no other Brunch Dogs before it.

italian bedf
Mike Gebert

Hot Dog Station

Albany Park
What you're getting: Italian beef
You need this Italian beef. Yes, you do.

maple bacon donut
Sean Cooley

Glazed & Infused

Lincoln Park
What you're getting: Maple Bacon Long John
The Maple Bacon Long John is here to keep you company this new year. Don't fight it.


Lincoln Park
What you're getting: Pan pizza
Pan pizza from Pequod's? Whoa dude.

River Roast

River North
What you're getting: Biscuits and gravy
The Mother's milk of hangover cures.

Polak Eatery

Humboldt Park
What you're getting: Two-cheddar pierogi
Have you had the two-cheddar one before? Because if you haven't, you really should.

Parson's Chicken & Fish

Humboldt Park
What you're getting: Huevos rancheros
Have a few Negroni slushies outdoors. Then come in for huevos rancheros.


What you're getting: Beef and cheddar empanada
Did someone say beef and cheddar empanada? Yes, we think they did.

bacon mac quesadilla
drew swantak

Thrillist Recipes

At home!
What you're getting: Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese Quesadilla
Okay, so this one is kind of cheating since you have to make it yourself, but dude, make it yourself.

Cheesie's Pub & Grub

What you're getting: Grilled cheese
If all grilled cheeses were Chicago-style grilled cheeses, the world would be a better (or at least a more Chicago) place.

Chicago’s Home of Chicken & Waffles

What you're getting: Betty Lou
You will order the Betty Lou. And it will make your day.

two egg breakfast
mike gebert

Uncle Mike's Place

Ukrainian Village
What you're getting: Two eggs breakfast
Stick with what works.

strings ramen
mike gebert

Strings Ramen

What you're getting: Shio turkey ramen
It's one of the finest bowls of ramen in the city. And no, it doesn't come in package form.

egg burger
sean cooley

DMK Burger Bar

What you're getting: Roasted Hatch green chile burger
Because no hangover food is complete without an egg.

donuts and chicken
sean cooley

Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

River North
What you're getting: The Sweet Heat
Wait. Is that a chicken sandwich... between two donuts????????

gyro sandwich
Titus ruscitti

George’s Hot Dogs

What you're getting: Gyro sandwich
Bonus: you won't need to eat for days after finishing this.

fried shrimp
Titus ruscitti

Calumet Fisheries

South Deering
What you're getting: Fried shrimp
How many fried shrimp can you eat the day after going hard on NYE? Only one way to find out.

animal tots
park tavern

Park Tavern

Near West Side
What you're getting: Animal Tots
Meet the new breakfast of champions.

Spritz Burger

What you're getting: Poutine burger
Yes, it exists. Oh yes, it most certainly exists.

bacon bomb
sean cooley

Kaiser Tiger

West Loop
What you're getting: Bacon Bomb
Sometimes a plate of bacon will not do. Sometimes you need 2lbs of ground beef, 2lbs of ground pork, SIXTEEN slices of thick-cut bacon, two eggs, and a blend of spices. This might be one of those times.

german sausage
sean cooley

The Radler

Logan Square
What you're getting: Grilled Thüringer

Old Town Social

Old Town
What you're getting: Mac & cheese
You can't go wrong with a nice plate of mac & cheese. Especially this mac & cheese.


What you're getting: Caprese and egg
Aka, the waffle taco.

Smoke Daddy

Wicker Park
What you're getting: Pulled meat nachos
How good does a plate of this sound about now? Pretty damn good, that's how.

GT Fish & Oyster

River North
What you're getting: Oyster po' boy sliders
The ultimate in hangover food art. That you can also eat.

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