The Best Spots for Late-Night Food in 32 Chicago Neighborhoods

There’s something about staying out too late that causes people to make bad decisions. “Should I buy shots for these complete strangers? Yeah, that’s smart!” “Should I perform gymnastics on this street sign? Yeah, why not?” With so many bars open till the wee hours in Chicago, weird things are bound to happen, but you can make at least one good decision before you head home: Hit up one of these great places for a late-night meal, so you don’t feel too awful the next morning.

Jerry's - Andersonville
Jerry's - Andersonville


Jerry’s (address and info)
Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? The answer is no one. Which is why Jerry’s is a slam-dunk crowd-pleaser if you’re heading out with a group. While the kitchen closes up shop around 11pm, a late-night menu is available for a key additional hour.


Belmont Snack Shop (address and info)
Listen, you’re not going to find any fancy pork belly or eggs Benedict mumbo jumbo on the menu here. Instead, grab a stool, order up a Denver omelet that’s made right before your eyes, and enjoy the extra dollars you’ll be taking home with you.


Chuck's Pizza (address and info)
Since 1970, Chuck’s Pizza has been power-slamming hunger one jumbo pie at a time from its Beverly location. The neighborhood actually doesn’t have too many late-night options, but Chuck’s keeps the oven fired up until 12:30am on weekends.

Johnny O's
Flickr/The Dorsch


Johnny O’s (address and info)
Johnny O’s is open 24 hours a day, so you can stop in for some solid eats whether you’re leaving the bar, going to work, or slipping through inter-dimensional portals. As a bonus, Johnny O’s serves what is one of the finest early morning munchie foods in town: the Mother-in-Law sandwich, a Chicago-style dog that’s topped with chili, except the wiener is actually a Tom Tom tamale.


Lazo’s (address and info)
After a night of hanging out at the hot new bar or furiously knitting infinity scarves, Lazo’s is the place to do late-night in Bucktown. It’s open 24 hours, and the sizable menu offers everything from huevos rancheros to steak fajitas.

Chinatown Chicago, IL
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Three Happiness (address and info)
There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Chinatown, but for affordable prices, great eats, and convenient hours (open 24 hours), Three Happiness can’t be beat. No, you’re not going to enjoy luxury amenities here, or perhaps even warm service. But once you try the head-on fried shrimp, you’ll be a fan for life.


Pita O Grill (address and info)
Open until midnight every night, Pita O Grill is a welcome late-night addition to the neighborhood. It serves tasty Mediterranean staples such as hummus, falafel, and chicken shawarma, all of which are excellent for soaking up copious amounts of beer.

Garfield Park

The Original Maxwell Street (address and info)
Is The Original Maxwell Street actually the original Maxwell Street? Well, not really, but The Original Maxwell Street still makes classic Polish sausages and hearty breaded pork chop sandwiches 24 hours a day.

Eight Bar Chicago
Eight Bar Chicago

Gold Coast

Eight Bar (address and info
Located downstairs from its sister restaurant Maple & Ash, Eight Bar is helmed by Chef Danny Grant, who offers a daily menu until 2am and a select late-night menu, featuring avocado toast, charred brats, cheese curds, and more, at discounted prices from 10 to midnight.

Humboldt Park

Jimmy’s Red Hots (address and info)
For those who are put off by giant menus, Jimmy’s Red Hots offers a welcome respite. Your food options here consist of a tamale, fries, Polish sausage, and Depression Dog (hot dog with sport peppers, mustard, and onion, all wrapped up with fries). Jimmy’s has been serving its straightforward menu for more than 55 years so, yeah, they know what they’re doing.

Mikkey's Retro Grill
Mikkey's Retro Grill

Hyde Park

Mikkey’s Retro Grill (address and info)
One of the few late-night dining options in Hyde Park, Mikkey’s Retro Grill offers a selection of creative diner eats, such as a stuffed double cheeseburger and an NYC-style chopped cheese sandwich. The hours vary by day, so check the schedule and plan ahead before your evening out.

Irving Park 

Susie's Drive-In (address and info)
Susie’s Drive-In has been serving no-frills fast food since 1973. It’s a traditional stand, so seating options are limited, but -- good news -- it’s also open 24/7. The big draw here is a large order of cheese fries served in an edible taco salad bowl -- as all foods should be served. Right? Right.

Cheesie's Pub & Grub
Cheesie's Pub & Grub


Cheesie’s (address and info)
Lakeview has dozens of late-night options, but few can compete with the variety of wacky kitchen creations that Cheesie’s offers. Expect fried pickles, fried mac & cheese balls, loaded tater tots, fried cheese curds, and a long list of grilled cheeses.

Lincoln Park

Angela’s Burrito Style (address and info)
One of the most famous late-night spots in all of Chicago, Angela’s Burrito Style has been saving the lives of Lincoln Park residents and DePaul students for years. The joint stays open until 5am on weekends and the kitchen cooks up solid California burritos, steak quesadillas, and loaded nachos, not that you can tell the difference at 5am.

Lincoln Square

Jeri’s Grill (address and info)
Open 24 hours. Retro décor. Basted eggs. Kit Kat pudding. What else do you need from a late-night spot? That’s a rhetorical question, because Jeri’s Grill has it all.

Parts and Labor
Parts and Labor

Logan Square

Parts & Labor (address and info)
For a neighborhood that’s seemingly erecting a new bar every month, Logan Square’s late-night dining options are surprisingly scarce. Fortunately, you can keep the party going and also hit up the kitchen at Parts & Labor until 1:30am. Order up a classic double burger, or make it a combo with curly fries and a shot or beer for $12.


Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta (address and info)
The Loop sometimes looks more like the set of a dystopian sci-fi filmthan a bustling neighborhood at night, but one place that’s definitely not abandoned is Pizano’s. It’s open until 2am (3am on Saturdays), and the kitchen cooks up classics such as deep-dish pizza, chicken vesuvio, and lobster ravioli.

Tempo Cafe
Tempo Cafe

Near North Side

Tempo Café (address and info)
A longtime staple of the neighborhood, Tempo Café whips up top-notch three-egg omelets 24 hours a day. The menu has plenty of variety, and patrons can also bring their own booze until 10pm.

Noble Square

Taqueria Traspasada (address and info)
When hunger has your brain in a chokehold, sometimes all you need a no-frills spot with a simple menu to get yourself back in action. Taqueria Trespasada is that kind of spot, so order up some tacos and don’t overthink it. It’s open until 1am on weekdays and 3:30am on weekends.

Elly's Pancake House
Elly's Pancake House

Old Town

Elly’s Pancake House (address and info)
Elly’s Pancake House makes a lot of pancakes. Short stack pancakes. Silver dollar pancakes. Pecan pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes. You get the idea. It also makes all sorts of other foods and is open 24 hours from Wednesday to Saturday.  


Taqueria Los Comales (address and info)
There are a lot of spots that make tacos in Pilsen but Taqueria Los Comales is one of the best, thanks in part to the fact that it’s open until 4am on weekends. The rest of the week, you’ll have to get there before 1am.

Bacci Pizzeria
Bacci Pizzeria

Portage Park

Bacci Pizzeria (address and info)
There’s pizza. And then there’s pizza that’s so big, you can use it as a blanket AFTER you’ve already eaten half of it. Bacci makes the latter, and you won’t go home hungry. Also, don’t use pizza as a blanket. 


Me Dee Café (address and info
Not only does Me Dee Café make excellent pan-Asian dishes such as panang curry with wide noodles and crab-fried rice, it also has a secret congee menu. Okay, maybe the congee menu isn’t that secret, but ask for one anyway and order up excellent bites such as chive dumplings and candied fish jerky until 1:30am.

River North

Bijan's Bistro (address and info)
While most late-night eateries are serving some combination of burgers, eggs, and burritos, River North’s Bijan’s Bistro takes a slightly more upscale approach to its offerings. Expect fancy dishes, such as grilled calamari, smoked-salmon tartine, and pan-roasted pork chops served until 3am daily (4am on Saturdays).

Rogers Park

El Chorrito (address and info)
One of the few late-night options in Rogers Park, El Chorrito is open late during the week and nearly 24 hours on weekends (until 6am). Expect a sizable menu of traditional Mexican eats, as well as supercharged items such as the super taco and super nachos.

Roscoe Village

Burrito House (address and info)
After a night out, Burrito House is the perfect place to hit up until 2am (5am on weekends) if you have a hankering for, yep, burritos.

White Palace Grill
White Palace Grill

South Loop

White Palace Grill (address and info)
Open 24 hours, White Palace Grill is a charming, old-school diner staffed by sassy waitresses who don’t mess around. The establishment has been serving classic diner eats since 1939, ranging from killer breakfast skillets to fried chicken.

Jorge Gera/The Local Chicago

Ukrainian Village

Fatso’s Last Stand (address and info)
Simply put, Fatso’s Last Stand is one of the finest post-bar spots in town. It’s open until 4am on weekends and its menu is stacked with rib-sticking eats such as char cheddar dogs, fatso burgers, fried jumbo shrimp, and char grilled salami. Feeling a little insane? Try one of their ridiculous eating challenges


Fiesta Mexicana (address and info)
After catching a jazz set at the nearby Green Mill, Fiesta Mexicana offers an excellent stop for quality Mexican eats after midnight. Basics such as nachos and tacos al pastor are available as well as fancier dishes like grilled red snapper.

Hollywood Grill
Hollywood Grill

Wicker Park

Hollywood Grill (address and info)
Open 24/7, Hollywood Grill has been serving classic American diner fare since 1991. The neighborhood has changed a lot since then, but Hollywood Grill’s menu of skillets and omelets remains timeless.

West Loop

Moneygun (address and info)
One of our favorite West Loop hangouts also happens to be a great spot to get some rib-sticking grub at night. Here, Chef Carlos Cruz whips up creative eats such as Buffalo fried okra and bone marrow with beef cheek. Add wallet-friendly highballs and beer-and-shot combos, and you’ve got your night pretty much booked.

Sean Cooley/Thrillist


Dimo’s (address and info)
Pizza is great. You love pizza. But the world is filled with so many possibilities, and surely a pizza can be topped with more than pepperoni? Experience the world of weird options for yourself at Dimo’s, where you’ll find pies with toppings such as s’mores, mac & cheese, and giardiniera.

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