Food & Drink

Pollo loco in Bucktown

Some artists work in oils, others in acrylics, but they usually lamely frown upon it when you eat their work, so better just head to The Art of Chicken, which turns out Spanish-style, flame-broiled birds in a snug 20-seat storefront outfitted with wire and crates to create that chicken-coop ambiance

Orders come in quarters, halves, or full with one of two marinades, the first being a smoky number called El Jefe, Spanish for “The Boss” or "Chief", or "guy at your office whose name you can never remember, but it might be Jeff"

The Crazy Chico comes seasoned with a family recipe of herbs and spices, but alas, no bail bonds

For sides, you can stick with go-tos like mac and cheese or mashed potatoes, or keep it international with Spanish rice or this Mexican-style buttermilk-boiled corn topped with mayonnaise, butter, cheese, and chile piquin (a zesty spice, not a cold penguin).

Courtesy of local artist Sam Kirk, the space is decked out with this mural of a psychedelic chicken, also what happens when two Segway-riding Phish fans get in a standoff over the last Quaalude.