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Bucktown's skinny pizzeria

The owner behind the Bucktown Italian mainstay Club Lucky is looking to get even luckier with Pizza House 1647, named for its Cortland Street address (not the time period when America was firing up witches instead of pizza ovens). The pizzeria offers ultra-thin-crust pies with a slew of housemade ingredients and uses Italian scopa cards as table markers.The whole-wheat, 1/8th-inch-thick pizzas come with any of 18 toppings like the turkey sausage, hot giardiniera, and fresh tomato on this pie. With a cornmeal-bottomed crust, the pizzas max out at a 12in large so as to cook evenly in their old-school revolving oven.If you’re looking for something heftier to grab on to, either hang around outside a Lane Bryant or dig into a Sicilian with bell peppers, mushrooms & onions. Beyond the 'za, there's this Stracceteli soup with homemade chicken broth, baby spinach, egg yolk, and grated Romano, not to be confused with grating Romano, which you can find in syndication on UPN.As for more refreshing liquids, they're tapping Sprecher’s root beer and cream soda and serving them up in icy cold mugs, which they achieve either through keeping them in the freezer or WITCHCRAFT?!?!