Chicago, the Best Day of Your Life is almost here

Get ready, because June 21st will not be a typical Friday. It won't be a Freaky Friday either. It will be, quite simply, the Best Day of Your Life, and you've got Thrillist to thank for it

Here's what you need to do. Pull your best Ferris Bueller and call in sick, then download this printable itinerary & map and follow all the #BDOYL social action here as you prepare to enjoy hookups like free coffee at Bow Truss and drinks on us at Howells & Hood

525a: Rise with the sun and boldly eschew the snooze. It’s the Best Day of Your Life.

Zero dark 30: Head to the lakefront for a run and admire the beauty of Lake Michigan/attractive joggers you pass. Live far from the lake? Maybe just run on the street or something. Or roll over and hit snooze. Running on the regular street is the worst!

Asscrack of dawn: Hit the shower, belt out your favorite R. Kelly song -- your favorite is "Ignition (Remix)" -- 'cause you're about to have you some fun.

Early morning: Make your way to Bow Truss in River North for your morning caffeine fix -- you’re going to need it today. We'll be there treating some lucky readers, so be sure to get there early. Starting your day further West? Hit up our Readers' Choice, Dark Matter. We won't be there, but coffee will.

Breakfast: Red Line it up to Lincoln Park, because you're getting 2 Sparrows for breakfast. No, not the adorable chirping birds -- the tasty avian-named breakfast joint that wants to feed you biscuits with lamb sausage gravy. Prefer to keep things South of North Avenue? Try a Piggy Moo Cluck at Kingsbury Street Cafe.

Post-breakfast breakfast: Hobbits aren't the only ones who deserve a second breakfast, so mosey on Southward to Glazed & Infused on Armitage for a doughnut or a fritter. Or both. After all, you ran today! Maybe!

Late a.m.: Amble over to North Avenue Beach (or hop on the bus if you're feeling lazy, but you did have that second doughnut...) for pickup volleyball. Casually execute the Maverick flex/watch check.

Noonish: After you dust yourself off, walk South along the lake to the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock to survey your gorgeous city. Also seems like a good time for the first drink of the day. If you dislike of heights and/or the light of day, do the exact opposite and sink to the underbelly of Michigan Ave for a cold one at The Billy Goat.

Lunchtime: Two stops on the Red Line will put you at Franks & Dawgs for a bacon- & fried egg-laden brunch dog with maple mayo. If F&D turns out to be a sausage fest of the "crowded with dudes" variety, or you're feeling burgers and managed to restrain yourself at the Billy Goat, march over to Edzo's. Have a shake while you're at it.

Post-lunch: You need to walk off whatever you ate. Again. So get to Lincoln Ave and march Northwest to Rotofugi to marvel at the selection of Japanese vinyl toys, comic books, and other stuff you didn't know you wanted until you ended up buying it.

Early afternoon: You STILL need to walk off everything you ate today (who told you to get that milkshake?), so head West to Lincoln Park. Throw a frisbee around. Maybe take a walk through the zoo and a few introspective moments pondering what it means to be human.

Historical detour: Stroll by Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder. There's no time for pizza, but the St. Valentine's Day Massacre happened across the street. No tommy guns in sight. Hopefully. Either way, carry on.

Happy hour: Red Line it back downtown to Howells & Hood over at the Tribune Tower, but take a little time to admire the hunks of the Great Wall, the Parthenon, and other landmarks they acquired back in the good old days when you could just take stuff like that. Get there early for a beer on us. Too busy? Detour to Clark Street Ale House and discover your new favorite beer. Or whiskey.

Dinnertime: March West to Mr. Beef on Orleans. Get it dipped. Make a mess. Grab some napkins eventually. More of a seafood person? Big & Little’s has po' boys awaiting you right up the street.

831p: Jump on the Brown Line and head North to say goodbye to the daylight with a cocktail and a stellar view of the skyline on the rooftop of the J Parker at Hotel Lincoln. If it's too busy, or that heights aversion rears its ugly head, throw one back at Wells on Wells. Either way, put the exclamation point on the Best Day of Your Life and get ready for the freakin' weekend. If you're not too wiped out to have you some more fun.