Farm. Table. Mouth.

Published On 11/06/2013 Published On 11/06/2013
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1. Gallery Bar 738 N Clark, Chicago, IL 60610

Combining art and food in a waaaay better manner than eating your mom's stencil portraits, Gallery Bar's serving up Asian-influenced burritos, pizzas, and other innovative stuff in a space bedecked with pop art prints.

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2. Longman & Eagle 2657 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Longman & Eagle, the Michelin-starred gastropub in Logan Square, has an exclusive whiskey selection (clocking in at over 400 labels), a craft cocktail menu, and an extensive beer list all fit for the most pretentious of drinkers, in the least pretentious of atmospheres. Longman takes a flavor-forward, honest approach to eating and drinking, and because it doesn’t accept reservations, there is always a wait for brunch, happy hour, and dinner alike. (And it is always worth it.) While whiskey may be king, the regional American fare has just as much to offer, hence the Michelin star. The menu changes often, but expect anything from beef tallow beignets and veal brains to wild boar sloppy joes, chicken and waffles, and a burger that, if you know what's good for you, you will order.

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3. Prasino 1846 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622

Prasino is serious about its sustainability, with light fixtures made from old boxes and furniture crafted from recycled polyester. All-day plates range from morning munchies (brulee-battered pretzel croissant French toast w/ white chocolate sauce and salted caramel), to savory short rib tacos w/ queso fresco and poblano cream.

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4. Grange Hall Burger Bar 844 W Randolph, Chicago, IL 60607

Because going back to the farm is great unless you play baseball, or just plugged in your electric at Newport and Pete Seeger is hanging around with an axe (dude is so folking angry!), Grange Hall channels its owner's pastoral Michigan past, with white, barn-style doors opening into airy digs outfitted with loads of reclaimed wood, antique communal tables set with mismatched vintage settings, all under the watchful gaze of a bovine wall hanging that's so big, you'll cow-er under it.

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5. Perennial Virant 1800 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Taking the title of its Green City Market-neighboring predecessor and tacking on the last name of the Michelin-starred, farm-to-table-fixated chef now manning the kitchen, PV's an "urban garden" thanks to copious greenery interspersed amongst tables of aged oak, which explains why he was so easy to rough up in Vegas.

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6. Browntrout 4111 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

BT's takes the sustainability wave fo' real w/ a rooftop garden and fresh-as-possible entrees like grilled lake trout roulade and a Spring poutine (just 'cause it's hot doesn't mean you can't eat fries slathered with gravy).

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7. Local Root 601 N Mc Clurg Ct, Chicago, IL 60611

LR is a three-meal-a-day American cafe intensely dedicated to sourcing their food locally. Breakfast and lunch options range from vanilla custard French toast and lamb, egg & goat cheese on a biscuit, and a 12hr braised beef brisket sandwiches w/ fennel slaw & chevre. For dinner? Order one of their seven poutines.

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8. Homestead on the Roof 1924 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

This "literal farm-to-table" resto features a rooftop patio with views of their 1,000-square foot organic rooftop farm and two massive vertical hanging gardens. If the view isn't enough for you, try their insanely fresh garden creations like heirloom tomato with whipped ricotta, house-cured olive spread, opal basil and croutons.

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9. Publican Quality Meats 825 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

Publican Quality Meats is something of a triple threat: equal parts butcher shop, café, and speciality grocery store, it features an awe-inspiring selection of sausages and cured charcuterie meats, served individually from the butcher case or in sandwiches made with house-baked bread. The lunch menu is often changing, but the Parm #2 features a beautifully crisp chicken cutlet nestled into a brioche bun, while the sausage plate lets you sample three of the house-made specialities with sauerkraut and breadcrumbs. A breakfast menu includes ham and egg biscuit sandwiches and a pork belly breakfast burrito, though if you're in the mood for something less savory, there are pastries and coffee, too.