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A taste of Korea in Chinatown

Far from the primary cluster of Korean cuisine on the North Side, Ahjoomah’s Apron's planting its flag down south in Chinatown, combining communal seating with walls that give a crash-course in Korean cuisine. In English, Ahjoomah roughly translates to “middle-aged woman,” kind of like a cougar, so you know the establishment is into spiciness, variety, and having a little something on the side (like a kimchi pancake)

This Jopchae consists of potato vermicelli stir-fried with beef and veggies

Chigae stew is a mixture of kimchi, tofu, and pork, and, unlike “Gangnam Style”, will remain hot for more than five minutes.

Bokki is a combo of spongy rice and fish cakes with a sweet & tangy sauce, not the plural form of Richard Lewis’s favorite boxed juice beverage from the '90s

If you're looking for a little sugar from Ahjoomah, you'll just have to order dessert like green tea mochi or this sujunggwa, a popular dessert punch made with persimmons and cinnamon.