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Cronuts are taking over Chicago -- here's where to get them

Published On 07/08/2013 Published On 07/08/2013

Wave goodbye to your marathon training regimen (and your 5k training regimen), because our city has just been stormed by a mutated confection that is as delicious as it is de-motivating: the cronut. Just don’t call them cronuts -- Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC, creator of the ingenious pastry, does not take kindly to that, legally speaking! So here’s where to get these demonspawn donut-croissant hybrids, that are not “cronuts” (wink).

La Boulangerie
The crognet: a Boston cream cronut with vanilla cream custard filling and chocolate ganache icing that’s distinctively moist and chewy, almost like a cruller. Other flavors include chocolate, raspberry, and maple bacon.
Available: Tuesday through Sunday, 11a at both the Logan Square and Lakeview locations

West Town Bakery
The doughssant: a cronut constructed long John-style, not because it has a flap you can pee out of, but because its fried layers of croissant dough are iced and filled with chocolate and raspberry jelly or…

... blueberry lavender or…

... coffee cream cheese.
Available: seven days a week, 7a at both the West Town and River North locations

Alliance Bakery
The kronut: a vanilla bean pastry cream topped with a rose glaze that looks nearly like the real McCoy and nearly triples the bakery’s croissant production. Too bad those magic elves are assigned to cookies.
Available: Friday through Sunday, 8a, but follow their Facebook page for notifications

Glazed and Infused
Scotty's Hotties: a sugar and cinnamon dusted cronut sharing a moniker with the ever-expanding bakery's head honcho Scott Harris, that can also be had in…

... a vanilla-glazed incarnation with sugar crystals that could catch even Walter White’s eye.
Available: In the past, the Fulton location has had them Saturdays at 7a, but be sure to track announcements on their Facebook page

What will be next? Croiss-a-nuts? Doughnants? Nutssants? Throw any cronut-related thoughts in the comments below...

...and check out more Cronut knock-offs on our interactive Cronut (and Cronut impostor) map!



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