Hot sauce and baked goods tag team in Edgewater

Not just a descriptor of your kitchen when you haven't gone shopping in a while, Sauce and Bread Kitchen's a locally focused Edgewater eatery from the Co-op Sauce & Crumb folks, slinging breakfast and lunch options Thursday-Sunday posted on their ever-changing chalkboard menu, while also hosting the monthly Stew Supper Club. You can take your breakfast in solid form -- a maple sausage breakfast sandwich or rhubarb & ricotta pop tart -- or go liquid with the Bloody Mary platter. They're BYOB, or in this case BYOV: you supply the vodka and they supply the meatsticks, veggies, and 32oz of Wild Mary Mix made with wild pickle brine and roasted poblano chiles. The sour & spicy braised pork nachos come with guacamole, salsa verde, house slaw, and feta cheese. Unlike nacho cheese, it's yours to keep. Applewood-smoked turkey sandwiches are served with roasted red peppers, bacon, and pimento spread on a demi-baguette surprisingly made without nitrous oxide. Sandwiches also come in veggie varieties if you're avoiding the stuff for Lent or just have mad respect for the noble turkey. This grilled eggplant's topped with sun-dried tomatoes and whipped feta spread. You can also take home Co-op’s selection of sauces (which benefit local youth art programs), including poblano, jalapeño, pumpkin, and mole, giving you ample condiment options for the groceries you keep forgetting to buy.