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Hot Doug's Will Return For One Glorious Day This May

Hot Doug's is coming back. WE REPEAT: Hot Doug's is coming back. Now dance.

Almost five months after the enlarged-gut-wrenching loss of those famous duck fat fries and sausages brought darkness to our world, the Chicago Tribunereports that you'll be able to get your hands on the sausages you've waited so many hours in line for on May 16th, and that day only. But what a glorious day it will be! 

Here's the deal. On May 16th -- may it forever be blessed by the sausages gods -- Paulina Meat Market will be grilling and serving the same sausages it produced for Hot Doug's as part of a Hot Doug's Appreciation Day, according to the report. Oh, and Doug Sohn himself will be there "designing the sausages". So, while you won't be lining up at the holy citadel of sausages in Avondale, you might be able to shake the man's hand and tell him how he changed/nearly ended your life.

Oh, they'll also honor the deal for folks with a Hot Doug's tattoo, bestowing a free sandwich upon them, according to the Tribune

And in the meantime, you can enjoy Piece Pizza's new Hot Doug's inspired Atomic Pizza, featuring Hot Doug's "Atomic Bomb" sausage, Eaterreported

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and can hear the cheers of joy in Chicago all the way from NYC. Follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick