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Chowing on comfort food in the Gold Coast

If someone here tells you to go to The Local, it's easy enough to just find the nearest mustachioed fellow in Bears gear who smells faintly of giardiniera. But you'll likely have a better time if you seek out The Local Chicago, a comfort food-slinging corner restobar from the folks behind Chicago Cut Steakhouse, whose Stars 'n Stripes-laden, oak-trimmed dining room is peppered with sweet Americana, including an eagle statue snagged from a Wisconsin tractor manufacturer. Begin with a little carbo-loading courtesy of this skillet of jalapeno cornbread soon to be slathered in maple-pecan butter.Indecisive folks torn between seafood and burgers can split the difference with this ahi patty topped with pickled daikon, kimchi, and sesame-wasabi aioli. But there's still plenty of meat to be had, including this slab of hickory-smoked baby backs brushed with BBQ sauce enhanced with Dr Pepper, as he's one of the few doctors who openly endorses mass pork consumption. If people dumping you describe you as "sweet", there's a mint chocolate ice cream pie sporting an Oreo cookie crust you can smother your tears in. Then again, drinking can also be pretty sweet, especially when they have their wine and cocktail programs browsable via iPad. Plus an ale they're tapping that was crafted specially for them courtesy of Two Brothers of Warrenville, which isn't quite as locally Chicagoan as the guy with the giardiniera breath and the Mike Tomczak jersey, but still, close enough.