Food & Drink

Dining with a Trotter's vet in Lincoln Square

Though it remarkably isn't a restaurant catering exclusively to Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts (so there's a million-dollar idea that's still out there), Gather does have plenty going for it as it settles into the original LM space, including an owner who learned the ropes at NoMI and Spiaggia, and a six-seat granite counter peering into the open kitchen.

Said kitchen has a Charlie Trotter's vet running the show, and he's starting you off with bites like this jar of housemade whipped ricotta with balsamic and honeycomb (the real stuff, not the breakfast cereal, although that's yet another million dollar idea)

Then get your protein on with crispy pork belly perched atop some panzanella with butternut squash and romesco sauce

For the main event, hit this pan-seared walleye swimming (well, not really, anymore) among parsley puree, creamy mole, and oat risotto

If your priority is lessening the distance between yourself and the booze, perch yourself at the bar and admire the 60-plus wine options..

Or secure a classic cocktail like an Old Fashioned or a whiskey smash, too many of which will mean you'll surely add a dose of magic to any gathering.