The Jerk Store called, and they want to feed you chicken

Jerk Jamaican food truck

Because the world needed a jerk vehicle that didn't involve Steve Martin, the Jerk food truck is slinging mobile Jamaican fare prepared on board via a propane-powered 48in grill and a 40lb deep fryer

Influenced by the music and “push-cart” food of his native Jamaica, the chef’s jerk recipe incorporates Rihanna’s favorite: the “Rude Boy” sauce, a recipe they keep closely guarded

For non-Chris Brown jerkiness, try the boneless Jerk Chicken, marinated in said sauce and served with Caribbean-spiced fries and a side of sauce for some extra punch (not the Chris Brown kind)

If you’re in the mood for some Jamaican plants that won’t get you arrested at the airport, this Veggie Patty's kinda like a much better version of a Hot Pocket that's filled with corn, cabbage, beets & carrots.

These coconut macaroons will help you get your sugar fix along with..

Jamaican D&G sodas like Ginger Beer, Kola Champagne, and Pineapple Soda, on the off chance you fancy yourself a soda jerk.

Grill aboard Jerk Jamaican food truck
Jerk chicken from Jerk Jamaican food truck
Veggie patties from Jerk Jamaican food truck
Coconut macaroon cookies from Jerk Jamaican food truck
D&G soda from Jerk Jamaican food truck