Food & Drink

A log cabin pizzeria in Lincoln Park

No longer simply what your 10yr-old self imagined all rappers called each other, Homeslice is a retro log cabin pizzeria boasting 30 signature thin crust pies made with six base sauces (BBQ, ranch, spinach ricotta... ) built by some Oregon natives who imported 400lb Douglas Fir logs from the Northwest. Throw in a few chainsaws, epoxy, and some helpful lumberjacks, and they had themselves a 150-seat restaurant

Start by dipping beer-basted breadsticks in goat cheese'd tomato sauce as you think back to simpler times when Oregon only had two uniform colors

Much like I'm with Busey, this veggie pie is Very Gary, packed with roasted red peppers, onions, black olives, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and pepperoncinis

The ranch-sauced Clay Bacon has roasted chicken, bacon, diced Romas, and three cheeses (mozz, Provolone & cheddar), so it'll probably turn you into more of a Ruben Studdard

If you're deathly afraid of circles (trypophobia... it's a thing), there’s a spread of calzones like this smoked ham and avocado

They're rocking a dozen beers on tap (Green Line, Brooklyn Lager), plus this appropriately named signature cocktail The Logger with whiskey, OJ & Orange Crush, ensuring it'll make you just as obnoxious as the Illini student section

We don’t usually give our two cents on bathroom décor, but when there are 209,000 pennies epoxied into the walls in a tribute to Lincoln, it justifies a totally-not-creepy glimpse into the ladies' room.