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The Ultimate Loop Lunch Guide

Published On 03/31/2014 Published On 03/31/2014
All Photos: Dennis Lee

When you're down in the Loop, you're focused on one thing, and one thing only: Q2 projections where you're going for lunch. Which's why we asked Dennis Lee -- veteran Loop food writer and host of the upcoming web series Table for One -- to hook us up with a list of Chicago's 15 best lunch counters Downtown.

Blackwood BBQ (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Clark/Lake
"Blackwood BBQ is one of the few barbecue options in the Loop, but it’s by far the best. All the meat is prepared the traditional way: smoked low and slow for hours until it's tender and flavorful. I prefer the brisket. The ordering process is similar to Chipotle’s; pick your protein, a format (sandwich, salad, platter), and a sauce. Finish it off with homestyle barbecue sides and a glass of lemonade."

Cafecito (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Washington/Wells and Harold Washington Library
"Cafecito serves one of the best Cuban sandwiches in the city, which is why the place is consistently slammed during lunch hour. If you’re looking for something even more substantial, the Chivito sandwich is piled with steak, ham, bacon, and a fried egg. Carnivores, rejoice."

Ronny's Original Chicago Steakhouse (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Clark/Lake
"You kind of have to see Ronny’s to believe it. Their menu is huge, and most people opt for the steak. Their 8 oz steak special comes with a baked potato, salad, and garlic bread. Granted, at that price, you’re not getting a 45-day, dry-aged hunk of beef, but come on, a steak lunch for $8? And there’s something about ordering your steak cafeteria-style that just screams cafeteria-style steak 'Chicago' to me."

Saucy Porka (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Quincy/Wells
"Saucy Porka is among the most unique restaurants in the Loop, fusing together flavors from Puerto Rico, Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. One of the more playful items on the menu is called a 'baco', which is a cross between a traditional steamed Chinese bao, and a taco."

Pierogi Heaven (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Clark/Lake
"When I first came upon Pierogi Heaven, I was instantly charmed. There aren’t any other big places in the Loop that serve Polish food, and there’s something insanely satisfying about being able to walk in and order a ton of pierogi and kielbasa for lunch, especially in the dead of Chiberia."

Ba Le (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Washington/Wells
"Done properly, bánh mì sandwiches are a true thing of beauty. Start with a light, fluffy baguette with a crackly crust, pile ingredients like ham, pork roll, and pate in there, pack in some pickled carrots and daikon, a few slices of fresh jalapeño, and finish with a swipe of buttery mayo. Ba Le does basically all of that, and super well, which's why they’re always so busy at lunch."

Fontano's (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Adams/Wabash
"If you’re a fan of Italian subs (Editor's Note: you totally are), you can’t miss Fontano’s. Their Blockbuster is a monster, jam-packed sandwich with ham, salami, capicola, Provolone, and Swiss. If you’re feeling more like Tony Soprano, the Wise Guy is just as good, with prosciuttini, capicola, Genoa salami, and Provolone. You’ll smell like your sandwich for the rest of the day, but who said that was a bad thing? No one. No one said that was a bad thing."

Farmer's Fridge Vending Machine (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Clark/Lake
"You might think it’s crazy having a vending machine appear on this list, but this machine is no joke. All the salads come in plastic Mason jars and feature organic, locally sourced ingredients, and they’re actually really good. The machine is completely restocked every morning to ensure you’re getting only the freshest food, plus, come on, you’re being served by a robot."

Harry's Sandwich Shop (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Harold Washington Library
"Located on the ground floor of Chicago’s historic Monadnock Building, Harry’s serves tasty, toasted sandwiches. Plus, the owners of Harry’s Sandwich Shop could not be nicer people -- it’s a true mom-and-pop restaurant."

BenjYehuda (click here for address and info)
L Stop: LaSalle/Van Buren
"Don't get hung-up pronouncing this name, instead, get hung-up on BenjYehuda's killer chicken schawarma sandwiches, which come with a bevvy of toppings like hummus, salads, Mediterranean pickles, and lots more good stuff. But do not, I repeat, DO NOT forget the fries. They’re golden, slightly greasy (in a good way), crisp, and pillowy, and BenjYehuda veterans order them with a side of Merkts cheddar cheese."

Max's Take Out (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Adams/Wabash
"The Loop is surprisingly devoid of the hot dog stands that Chicago is so famous for. The one shining beacon in the hot dog desert is Max’s Take Out. If you want a classic Vienna hot dog in a snappy natural casing, look no further. They serve other favorites, too – like Polish sausage and Italian beef sandwiches."

Naansense (click here for address and info)
L Stop: Clark/Lake
"One of the new kids on the lunch block, Naansense does Indian-inspired wraps using their namesake naan flatbread. The chicken is rich and slightly smoky, and the lamb is juicy and tender. What really sets Naansense apart from most places, though, is their fun selection of Indian sauces like makhani, korma, madras, and vindaloo."

Pastoral (click here for address and info)
L Stop: State/Lake
"Pastoral is mostly known for its well-curated selection of cheeses (it is, after all, a cheese shop), but they also serve sandwiches decked with gourmet ingredients like Serrano ham, duck confit, locally sourced turkey, and, yep, cheeses."

Chicken Planet (click here for address and info)
L Stop: LaSalle/Van Buren
"Chicken Planet is a favorite standby for a lot of people who work in the Loop. There aren’t a lot of places that serve whole roast chicken on the bone, and for that cheap, either. Don't focus on the sides, it's all about the well-seasoned, tender chicken (and make sure you get a grilled pita, too)."

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1. Naansense 171 N Wells, Chicago, IL 60606 (Loop)

This "fast-casual" Indian resto is more than just a clever play on words. It also serves a number of delicious and modern Indian dishes. But you gotta admit, the name is pretty sweet.

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2. Blackwood BBQ 305 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60606 (Loop)

Blackwood BBQ is like a cross between Chipotle and a smoked-meat palace, offering you the chance to customize your barbecue experience in the form of sandwiches, platters, and salads, all dressed with a wide variety of regional sauces, from the Alabama-style white sauce and spicy Kansas City blend to the signature hot and sweet Chicago sauce simmered with Old Style lager.

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3. Pierogi Heaven 329 S Franklin St, Chicago, IL 60606 (Loop)

Pierogi Heaven in the Loop is where to go to get some of the most authentic Polish food in Chicago. Whether you are looking for traditional meat-filled ones or vegetarian-friendly ones filled with potatoes, these pierogies, offered at six an order, are perfectly cooked to deliver a savory dining experience. If you're wanting something else than pierogies, you can order either stuffed cabbage or sausage. This no-frills counter-service location won't put you out very many bucks either, which will leave your tummy and wallet happy.

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4. Bar Pastoral 53 E Lake St, Chicago, IL 60601 (Loop)

Cheese lovers (so, everybody) get ready for your utopia! Bar Pastoral is adorned with cheeses sourced from across the globe and local independent farms so you can drop that Mini Babybel now. Wine, sandwiches, and select items are also served.

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5. Ba Le Bakery 5016 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60640 (Uptown)

Family-owned and serving up traditional preparations of classic Vietnamese eats, Ba Le is your go-to for noodle salads, banh mi, and more.

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6. BenjYehuda 10 S LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60602 (Loop)

Serving up killer falafel and chicken shawarma sandwiches with a crazy-wide array of add-ons like onions, hummus, Mediterranean pickles, and more, Benjyehuda delivers on its promise of bringing you "urban street food".

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7. Ronny's Original Chicago Steak House 100 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601 (Loop)

This classic steakhouse was established in 1963 and hasn't wavered on its promise of bringing you delicious meaty eats at affordable prices. But they don't just stop at killer cuts of cow: Ronny's offers up a wide menu, from hot dogs to pizza.

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8. Fontano's Subs 332 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60604 (Loop)

More than just a one of the best sandwich shops in Chicago, Fontano's serves up hot 'zas, delicious pasta bowls, and a number of sides and desserts.

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9. Cafecito 7 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60602 (Loop)

If you’re craving a taste of Cuba, look no further than Cafecito. This coffee and sandwich shop brings a bit of authentic Latin flair to The Loop, providing fresh, affordable eats like their award-winning Cubano and the fan favorite Chivito, a protein pick-me-up of steak, ham, bacon, fried egg, mozzarella, citrus mayo, and other fixings, served hot in a pressed hero. Whether you’re grabbing grub on your lunch break or swinging through for your daily café con leche, this casual spot has your commuting cravings covered.

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10. Chicken Planet 177 W Van Buren St, Chicago, IL 60605 (Loop)

Chicken Planet in the Loop is a bit of a dive, but that's what gives this delectable counter-service chicken house its charm. Lunch crowds get pretty massive, and for good reason: you can get a quarter chicken (with sides and a drink) for less than 10 dollars. You can even watch the cooks preparing massive chickens in the kitchen. If you're in a rush, your meal is served up in a styrofoam container, so it is as portable as it is delicious.

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11. Skrine Chops 400 S Financial Pl, Chicago, IL 60605 (Loop)

Located in the Loop, this eatery has a menu loaded with meaty options, including pork chops, steaks, ribs, sammies, and salads.

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12. Farmer's Fridge Kiosk in the Garvey Food Court 201 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60601 (Loop)

This Garvey Food Court vending machine brings a whole new meaning to eating all three meals out of a package. Its fresh, innovative, and healthy salads, breakfast parfaits, cauliflower fired rice, tofus, and chicken all come in a compact plastic jar, ready for your consumption. The packs are renewed every day, ensuring ultimate healthy freshness.

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13. Saucy Porka 400 S Financial Pl, Chicago, IL 60605 (Loop)

Saucy Porka blends Puerto Rican, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian cuisines. One of the children of this holiest of unions is called the baco -- a combination of a taco and a traditional steamed Chinese bao.

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14. Max's Take Out 20 E Adams St, Chicago, IL 60603 (Loop)

If you're in The Loop and looking for a classic Vienna hot dog, Polish sausage, or Italian beef sandwich -- Max's Take Out is there to comfort you.

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15. Harry's Sandwich Shop 336 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60604 (Loop)

Harry's is the place to grab toasted sandwiches made with love. Pro tip: don't skip breakfast -- grab one of their English muffin sandwiches and thank yourself for the rest of the day.



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