A giant gastropub in Tribune Tower

From the folks behind Old Town Pour House and Sweetwater, Howells & Hood is an epic beer hall in the Trib Tower, equipped with 114 beers on tap springing from 360 draft faucets spread across the 23,000sqft venue. With copper-topped bars and inscriptions on the travertine-tiled walls, the restaurant replicates the epic neo-Gothic design of the landmark space credited to John Howells and Raymond Hood, who thankfully weren't name Lipschitz and McDingleberry

The main dining room seats 250, with an additional banquet room holding 150 more. The stone tile, with quotes from the likes of Al Capone, was collected from the same quarry in Rome used 80yrs ago during the tower’s construction, so clearly it'll last a while

It bears repeating that there are 114 different beers on tap. There are 114 different beers on tap! They run the gamut from Kidnapped By Vikings, an IPA from Solemn Oath in Naperville, to the Lion Stout, an 8% malted export out of Sri Lanka. Each of the brews pours from a gigantic glassed-in cooler