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The Glunz Tavern
Old Town tavern launches Sunday brunch


The pre-Prohibition cocktail tavern is no longer prohibiting you from a hearty Sunday brunch. Instead, they're slinging goodness like Glunz Tavern Hash (roast chicken, sage, sweet potato, poached egg) and fried chicken & waffles washed down with some sparkling Pinot or (of course) a Founders Breakfast Stout.

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1. The Glunz Tavern 1202 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60610

Featuring a Franco-German menu, serving dishes like a lineup of sweetbread & escargot bourguignon, fried-egg topped Holsteiner schnitzel, and slow-cooked coq au Rielsling. They also offer a rotating selection of small-batch wines, eight seasonal beer taps, and reserve whiskey from exclusive Scotches to Van Winkle bourbon aged 15 years.

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