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NAHA's French sibling in River North

Brindille restaurant in River North

A 50-seat French restaurant from Carrie Nahabedian (the chef/owner of fine dining institution NAHA), Brindille (pronounced braun-DEE) translates to "twig", though it'll likely translate to quite the opposite for your body type thanks to a decadent menu served in a warm, earth-toned environment featuring hand-carved wood artwork that sets the backdrop for sipping from a 200-strong wine list.Start at the inventive cocktail menu, featuring a modern twist on a Pousse-café with a shot of strawberry caviar that floats between layers of simple syrup and vodka thanks to gravity, though that doesn't mean it'll keep you grounded.They're also employing French styles of preparation to eight worldly absinthes like Vieux Pontarlier, St. George, and Germain-Robin. They’re served in odd-looking glassware inspired by 19th-century opium dens, back when opium was helping Sherlock Holmes solve mysteries like, “Where did I stash the rest of my opium?”There’re also magnum pours of champagne, which impress the crowd much more than Blue Steel pours.Attached to the bar are a pair of display cases that Nahabedian has filled with museum-worthy tchotchkes from her travel collection, such as petrified wood and a 200-million-year-old agate rock, aka much, much longer than the life expectancy of Francophilic indulgences like rack of rabbit with veal sweetbreads, frog legs with cauliflower parsley blanc-manger, and vanilla- & coral butter-accented Lobster Brindille, a house specialty that, again, does not refer to the fate of your waistline.

Pousse-cafe shot at Brindille in River North
Absinthe glass at Brindille in River North
Iced champagne at Brindille in River North
Display case at Brindille in River North