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The cronut is dead: long live the doughscuit

Published On 08/27/2013 Published On 08/27/2013
Doughscuits from Endgrain in Roscoe Village

This Fall, cronuts are out and doughscuits are IN. Since its inception, Endgrain has reaped the benefits of Enoch Simpson’s brand of donut and booze alchemy with flavors like Nutella milk stout, bacon butterscotch, and bourbon vanilla. Just when we thought the cronut was the magnum opus of pastry hybrids -- it had a good run, spreading across the globe and transforming into the crookie and the bacon jam cronut burger -- here comes a new contender: the doughscuit.

Taking advantage of Endgrain's fluency in both doughnut and biscuit production, doughscuits come in two varieties, starting with this German chocolate cake-inspired variation which is coated in a sweet brown sugar glaze and toasted coconut flakes, and filled with a blend of crème fraiche and chocolate ganache.

If you’re not the chocoholic type, slip into something more comfortable (read: elastic waist-banded) and try the honey-glazed doughscuit stuffed with airy whipped crème fraiche.

After a quick dip in the deep fryer and a fresh coat of glaze, each doughscuit is sliced in half and meticulously laden with a light, creamy center that brings them right to the edge of sinful without being cloyingly sweet.

Doughscuits are currently available Friday through Sunday mornings starting at 7a, so you now have a new reason to wake up and subsequently nap on the weekend.

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1. Endgrain 1851 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613 (Roscoe Village)

Endgrain is a Roscoe Village, farm-fresh restaurant that's turning out innovative cuisine (think fried chicken with PORK GRAVY and bacon/butterscotch donuts).



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