Saucy mobile Mexican food

Having obtained Chicago’s long-awaited first mobile food vendor license to allow for on-board cookery, The Salsa Truck's built into a former ice cream rig that's outlived its odometer and can still play the Mr. Frosty jingle, though it'll only make you scream for its Mexican street-fare. Or if it accidentally runs over your foot.The truck totes a core group of five salsas, including the classic house recipe, verde, and roja. There’re also salsa frijole (black bean, habanero, agave nectar) and roasted tomatillo and chipotle, for those seeking a Chipotle experience that won’t wreck the digestive system.They'll also have some rotating bonus-sauces like the spicy escabeche or sweet habanero.But what to put the salsa on? Tacos come as singles or part of a lunch meal (chips, two salsas & a drink). Depending on the day, you might find achiote-marinated shrimp w/ pineapple, chorizo, or slow-roasted adobo chicken. This carne asada is marinated in mojo, which is sure to get Jim Morrison's risin'. Kidding, he's dead.Quesadillas (avail with any of the taco fillings) are also a truck staple. Occasional guest stars on the menu include: chicken tortilla soup, crispy pig ears, chili, and Ted McGinley.A food truck that will bring you fresh guacamole? Be sure to thank Rahm, a mayor who screams for... pretty much anything that pisses him off.