Food & Drink

A greasy spoon from Greece in the West Loop

The Grill-N-Griddle's a snug little diner counter slinging a bevy of Greek-influenced caloric creations, all of them prepared on a grill, but oddly without a griddle. Psych! They've totally got both of them working hard to make you too fat for their cozy 600sqft space. Because simply having gyros would be way obvious (though, they do have them), they're dabbling in Greek/Americanized Mexican fusion with a gyros burrito packed with their 60-40 beef-lamb mix drenched in tzatziki sauce.The souvlaki is a pork shoulder marinated and cooked over charcoal with tomato, onion, and tzatziki. Give them a dollar and they'll throw fries on top of it, also a good policy for strippers with hefty clientele.All-beef dogs are avail with the classic Chi treatment, or nab this pickle-speared slaw dog.All-day breakfast options include The Heart-Attack, a pita piled high with scrambled eggs, cheddar & American, bacon, sausage, and Taylor ham shipped in from either New Jersey or the Grammys.