An Irish scoop shop bringing you Guinness, Jameson, and Baileys ice cream

Guinness ice cream at Cone in the West Loop

Americans have perfected the art of getting fat in much the same way the Irish perfected the art of drinking, so it makes sense that an Emerald Isle native would open Cone, a creamery deep with flavors repping iconic Irish booze and brews, like this Guinness number whose cup comes complete with instructions that only apply to the ice cream, not the cup's owner.

Cone in the West Loop

Hailing from County Mayo (mmm... Mayo), Ireland, Cone’s owner has brought plenty of touches from home to the shop, like Celtic crest logos, milk bottle lighting, and imported beverages like Lucozade, which is like Gatorade for soccer hooligans.

Jameson milkshake at Cone in the West Loop

If the Guinness ice cream doesn't pack enough punch, help yourself to a Jameson milkshake topped with homemade whipped cream, caramel, and a cherry.

Bailey’s Irish Cream at Cone in the West Loop

Or maybe you'd prefer Baileys Irish Cream in cone form? There’s no need to worry about curdling like in a car bomb, unless you like leave out in the sun for 8hrs.

Hair of the Dog sundae at Cone in the West Loop

Incapable of deciding between boozy ice cream flavors? You’re in luck (the Irish kind), because there’s this Hair of the Dog sundae with Guinness, Baileys & Jameson ice cream covered in chocolate syrup and with crumbled Cadbury flake sprinkled on top.

Cookie monster at Cone in the West Loop

In case you don’t want the taste of hangover in your cone, try flavors like tiramisu, Irish mint chip, apple pie, and this Cookie Monster with Oreo and cookie dough that’ll remind you the good old days before he was advocating for healthy dieting.

The Stanley at Cone in the West Loop

They're also doing soft serve, so you might want to check out The Stanley (named for a certain NHL team that’s out winning championships when they’re not busy doing live karaoke with Jimmy Buffett): a twist of vanilla and salted caramel with a Cadbury Flake bar plunked right into the middle.

Mr. Cone at Cone in the West Loop

All of this dairy indulgence is supported by the shop’s mascot, Mr. Cone, who apparently has no problem with you eating his family. So... enjoy!