The coolest bars and restaurants in town

Bavette's Bar and Boeuf CHI

It's time for a new edition (easy there, Bobby Brown) of the Thrillist 47, giving you the best new and new-ish places to eat and drink. Some had to go, while other hot spots could not be denied (HELLO, Cap'n Crunch French toast at Dryhop Brewers). Have a look at the list (organized by hood; this isn't a ranking) and make the most of your next night out.


Siena Tavern

1) Siena Tavern
51 W Kinzie St; 312.595.1322
Top Chef fan favorite Fabio Viviani is doling out gnocchi w/ truffle cream, crispy pancetta & fried sage (not to mention 'za combos from truffle-mushroom to prosciutto-pear) in a 10,000sqft powerhouse of an Italian restaurant.
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Sumi Robata
Galdones Photography

2) Sumi Robata
702 N Wells; 312.988.7864
Gather 'round the 14-seat robata bar at this wooded dining dojo for charcoal-grilled Wagyu ribeye, king crab, and beef sliders with miso mustard.

Howell's & Hood

3) Howell's & Hood
435 N Michigan Ave; 312.262.5310
This epic beer hall housed in the Trib Tower, Howell's & Hood is equipped with 114 beers on tap (springing from 360 draft faucets spread across the 23,000sqft neo-Gothic venue) with copper-topped bars and inscriptions on the travertine-tiled walls.
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The Boarding House

4) The Boarding House
720 N Wells St; 312.280.0720
The 36oz Painted Hills ribeye is impressive, but perhaps even more so is the 450-bottle wine list curated by Master Sommelier Alpana Singh.
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bub city

5) Bub City
435 N Clark St; 312.610.4200
The Melman Bros have outfitted Bub City with a massive beer can American flag behind the bar, a central stage that'll feature a constant flow of country music talent, and posters touting acts from Willie Nelson to people not named Willie Nelson. Also, there's a four-person pork shoulder feast.
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american junkie

6) American Junkie
15 W Illinois St; 312.239.0995
American Junkie is a 320-seat, two-floor industrial barstaurant sporting American flags carved errrrrwhere, with Chef Kendal Duque (Sepia, City Tavern) running the kitchen, turning out meatiness like wild boar chili with ancho peppers & cornbread croutons.
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The Berkshire Room

7) The Berkshire Room
15 E Ohio St; 312.894.0800
The Berkshire Room is a whiskey bar serving Pappy Van Winkle-barreled cocktails from Prohibition-era medicine bottles, and features a 1940s-inspired menu, including bison tartare and bourbon ice cream.
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Three Dots and a Dash

8) Three Dots and a Dash
435 N Clark St; 312.610.4220
Three Dots and a Dash is a tiki-themed speakeasy in the back of Bub City pouring out crazy tropical cocktails in vessels like glass skulls and treasure chests.
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Bavette's Bar & Boeuf

9) Bavette's Bar & Boeuf
218 W Kinzie; 312.624.8154
This two-tiered steakery from the Maude's/Gilt Bar crew pairs marrow-slathered bone-in ribeyes and short rib stroganoff with a selection of 50-plus whiskeys.
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10) Dillman's
354 W Hubbard St; 312.988.0078
The Au Cheval folks opened a deli and it is glorious, thanks to its corned beef, whitefish terrines, latkes, and everything else your Bubbie used to make.
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11) Untitled
111 W Kinzie; 312.880.1511
Tucked behind a pair of large, unmarked doors on Kinzie St in a nod to Prohibition supper clubs, the 18000sqft space is improbably upstaged by next-level 'tails like the Pistol Smoke: Scotch, pipe tobacco, chamomile, vanilla 'n lemon.
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12) Drumbar
201 E Delaware Pl, 18th Floor; 312.924.2531
The Raffaello Hotel's 18th-floor oasis is divided into an outdoor terrace with views of the lake &firepit-equipped tables, and 100 indoor seats surrounded by marble, dark wood, and 25-ft vaulted ceilings.
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Stout Barrel House & Galley

13) Stout Barrel House & Galley
642 N Clark St; 312.475.1390
A former Blue 13 chef here turns out gussied-up comfort fare that includes fried chicken w/ watermelon & feta, and oxtail tortellini w/ fennel and smoked grapes, but then there's also the matter of their 4a liquor license.
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14) Tavernita
151 W Erie St, at LaSalle; River North; 312.274.1111
From the former chef at Perennial, Tav's Med-Latin menu counts to-share plates of squash- & apple-kicked suckling pig confit w/ caramel sherry sauce, hazelnut romesco-sauced pork & Wagyu meatballs, and corn pudding topped w/ poblanos, corn ragout & rock shrimp.
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CH Distillery

15) CH Distillery
564 W Randolph St; 312.707.8780
CH Distillery is Chicago's first distillery/cocktail bar, serving up house-made vodkas inside carefully curated concoctions, as well as small plates from other Chi-town eateries.
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La Sirena Clandestina

16) La Sirena Clandestina
954 W Fulton Market; 312.226.5300
Come for the street eats, which include a rotating daily ceviche, charred baby octopus escabeche, and black-eyed pea fritters w/ pickled onions and dende-poached shrimp. Stay for the Mezcal, amaro & lime "Pistola Humeante".
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Little Goat

17) Little Goat
820 W Randolph St; 312.888.3455
Stephanie Izard's morning to late-night diner is situated just across the street from older sib Girl & The Goat, and seamlessly combines the open-kitchened vibe of an all-night greasy spoon with a bit of Randolph St. class.
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18) BellyQ
1400 W Randolph; 312.563.1010
The latest installment from Bill Kim (Urban Belly, Belly Shack) comes correct with up-front booths equipped with their own infrared grills to fire up Korean short ribs and banana leaf-wrapped salmon, though the kitchen will handle the grilling if you're one of the sad people at a regular table.
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19) RM
116 N Green St; 312.243.1199
This elegant hideaway behind sister-restaurant Nellcôte has a champagne list that, under the direction of a sommelier who worked with Joel Robuchon, is so flush that it has to be broken down into various regions of France and world at large.
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20) Nellcôte
833 W Randolph; 855.635.5268
Producing their own flour in a custom-built stone mill, Nell turns local wheat to into Neopolitan 'zas that're fired in an imported, wood-burning oven, with combos arguably highlighted by a Fontina/black truffle/sunny-side egg number.
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Au Cheval

21) Au Cheval
800 W Randolph; 312.929.4580
At Au Cheval, "single" burgers sport two patties and "doubles" three, the bacon's cut as thick as a steak, and the spuds're smothered in gravy made from duck heart.
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High Noon Saloon

22) High Noon Saloon
1560 N Milwaukee Ave; 773.227.9339
Sip on Milagro Reposado at this Tex-Mex tequila bar that's sporting a spur-scuffed hickory floor, olde-tyme photography, butcher block tables, and fringed leather stools.
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Carriage House

23) Carriage House
1700 W Division; 773.235.8800
Opened by The Bedford squad, this Southern eatery specializes in both traditional and modern takes on the cuisine of that sea-level-y country in South Carolina.
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Emporium Arcade Bar

24) Emporium Arcade Bar
1366 N Milwaukee Ave; 773.697.7922
Two brothers are the braintrust behind Emporium Arcade Bar, which's pakced with nearly 40 vintage cabinet games set to cost only a quarter, and a custom-built bar showcasing 24 crafty handles.
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25) Trenchermen
2039 W North Ave; 773.661.1540
Trenchermen features an eclectic menu from The Sheerin brothers (Blackbird, The Signature Room) that runs the gamut from Scotch quail eggs with green almonds & caviar, to XO-sauced, bacon-cured sweetbreads.
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Antique Taco

26) Antique Taco
1360 N Milwaukee; 773.687.8697
Antique Taco's husband and wife team fill up tortillas with farmers' market flair: grilled Slagel Farm ribeye w/ heirloom tomato salsa & queso enchilado, adobo-rubbed carnitas w/ tamarind-glazed bacon & queso fresco, and tempura fish w/ Sriracha tartar and smoked cabbage.
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Mott St

27) Mott St
1401 N Ashland Ave; 773.687.9977
Helmed by the folks at Ruxbin, Mott St is a tiny Asian resto making bagel-inspired Everything Wings and kimchi spring rolls.
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Takito Kitchen

28) Takito Kitchen
2013 W Division St; 773.687.9620
A small plate taqueria from a Carnivale vet (no, not Nick Stahl) that's putting a contemporary twist on Latin fare, Takito Kitchen makes good use of the gutted car wash space with offers of pork belly tacos and masa nacho chips.
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Ada St.

29) Ada St.
1664 N Ada St; 773.697.7069
The Cali-bred chef at Ada toiled under both Thomas Keller & Tom Colicchio, so respect her poached-egg-topped duck confit pasta, brown butter 'n balsamic dry-aged grass-fed sirloin, and Southern fried quail w/ bacon gravy.
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Chop Shop

30) Chop Shop
2033 W North Avenue; 773.537.4440
Housed in a 100yr-old former auto body shop, Chop Shop (ah, we see what they did there... ) brings the total package to Wicker Park’s six corners with a full-scale butcher shop, bar, restaurant, and event space.
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Billy Sunday

31) Billy Sunday
3143 W Logan Blvd; 773.661.2485
Driving home the point that Prohibition was a historically terrible idea are concoctions such as the In Word & Deed (whiskey, egg white, quince, vermouth & finger lime tincture), and food like braised rabbit with dumplings and rutabaga-apple sauerkraut.
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Table, Donkey, And Stick

32) Table, Donkey, And Stick
2728 W Armitage, at Mozart; 773.486.8525
Start with a bevy of "Meat Snacks", from pork rillettes and smoked venison loin, to pheasant galantine and schweinekopf (a German way of saying pig's head), but don't skip the veal sauerbraten or the bubespitzle (a southern German pasta).
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Fat Rice

33) Fat Rice
2957 W Diversey; 773.661.9170
This intimate 30-seater from the folks behind X-Marx underground dining club channels Portuguese and Southeast Asian flavors, so...shaking chili whitefish with Padron peppers & preserved lemon.
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Parson's Chicken & Fish

34) Parson's Chicken & Fish
2952 W Armitage Ave; 773.384.3333
Parson's Chicken & Fish serves up just that: mostly fried and dusted with garlic, Morita chiles, cayenne, and smoked paprika, that can be cooled down with a Negroni slushie.
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Bang Bang Pie Shop

35) Bang Bang Pie Shop
2051 N California Ave; 773.276.8888
Like a downhome grandmother's kitchen (vintage chairs, old-timey cabinets, etc.) if only that grandma learned how to roast her own coffee at Dark Matter, and had a Biscuit bar where you could top fresh buttermilk mounds with various homemade jams & compound.
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36) Scofflaw
3201 W Armitage; 773-252-9700
Decked in reclaimed wood and vintage parlor furniture, Scoff's got 40+ bottles of gin and a dozen drafts, half of which are always taken over by a single brewer.
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The Glunz Tavern

37) The Glunz Tavern
1202 N Wells; 312.642.3001
Glunz Tavern tapped the chef from Butcher & The Burger to conceive their Franco-German menu, which includes sweetbread & escargot bourguignon, fried-egg topped Holsteiner schnitzel, and slow-cooked coq au Rielsling.
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Dryhop Brewers

38) Dryhop Brewers
3155 N Broadway St; 773.857.3155
Whether filling your growler or your pint glass, this brewery and American-style brewpub serves up Cap'n Crunch french toast for brunch, and roasted chicken and bacon poutine for dinner.
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Bar Pastoral

39) Bar Pastoral
2947 N Broadway; 773.472.4781
The celebrated Lakeview cheesemongers are literally going HAM by making their own, serving it up with raclette and heirloom potatoes.
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40) Juno
2638 N Lincoln; 872.206.8662
Juno serves up authentic Japanese sushi and other maki, and's got an omakase area where you can entrust the chef to prepare you something truly worthy of your palate.
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The J. Parker

41) The J. Parker
1816 N Clark St; 312.254.4747
This rooftop watering hole from the Boka dudes rotates its drink options based on geographical region (Spain, Mexico, Cuba...).
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42) Endgrain
1851 W Addison St; 773.687.8191
Endgrain is a farm-fresh restaurant that's turning out amazing biscuits and Enoch's bacon-butterscotch donuts.
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43) Balena
1633 N Halsted St; 312.867.3888
The Italian-leaning menu of belly-sticking small plates (spicy short ribs w/ charred orange and basil) and wood-fired pizza can be washed down with any of plus 300 vinos.
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44) Elizabeth
4835 N Western Ave Unit D; 773.681.0651
Tasting menus are sold on a ticketing system a la Next/Alinea, and come in three varieties, the first of which is a farm-focused 10-courser called The Owl.
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Pecking Order

45) Pecking Order
4416 N Clark St; 773.907.9900
The chicken at Pecking is soaked in a family marinade of cane sugar, vinegar, garlic, tamari & more before being either grilled, fried, or stuffed with lemongrass & ginger and rotisserie roasted.
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Honey Butter Fried Chicken

46) Honey Butter Fried Chicken
3361 N Elston Ave; 773.478.4000
In addition to combining the four greatest words in human history, Honey Butter Fried Chicken also serves up deliciously crisped-up chicken in platters with seasonal sides and down-home beverage pairings.
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Dusek's & Punch House

47) Dusek's & Punch House
1227 W 18th St; 312.526.3851
Dusek's menu from Longman & Eagle's Jared Wentworth serves up hearty food (think burgers with bacon marmalade on a pretzel bun) with the basement Punch House providing bountiful bowls of booze.
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