A daily pulled pork delivery service

Carnal Swine isn't just a Cinemax spec script Kermit's been working on, it's also a is delivery service unleashing an avalanche of porcine goodness on Chicago. The owner got started with a street cart, but has traded in the late-night street brawls and hot messes that come with it to churn out his signature pork recipe from the kitchen at The Haute & The Dog. The Meat Me Sunday is a meat sundae made with alternating layers of mashed potatoes, pulled pork, baked beans, and cole slaw. In place of hot fudge there’s chipotle BBQ sauce, and the cherry on top is of the tomato variety.Pulled pork can be had three ways (calm down Kermit): braised, smoked, or in a signature Dr. Pepper-marinated chipotle recipe, as featured in this Biggie Piggie, an Italian loaf also packed with pickle, red onion, pineapple, and homemade sweet relish.In his food cart days, the owner caught heat for being a white boy vending tacos, hence these proudly named Gringo Carnitas.This honey-glazed bun actually contains a veggie option, consisting of a mix of jackfruit, garlic, and spices, that serves as a pork substitute, but don't expect Kermit to cast it in Carnal Swine II: Passion of the Pork.