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Bone-in ribeyes and oyster johnny cakes in U City

History shows the founding fathers gathered in Philadelphia taverns to discuss the new country over glasses of porter and stout, setting a high bar for Philly beer-influenced ideas, including "I'm gonna puke on this cop and his daughters" and worse, SEPTA. Providing plenty of fuel for ideas good and bad, City Tap House

Slated to open tonight on The Radian's second level, CTH's a 120-seat dining room decked out with reclaimed hardwood stained various shades and hand-hammered copper, plus a 60-tap bar, all centered between two rooftop terraces with outdoor seating and firepits, the first combination of alcohol, fire, and rooftops not involving a Phillies' World Series win. Menu fixtures include crispy gulf oysters served with horseradish aioli, johnny cakes, and pickled red onion; a Lancaster lamb "Merguez" sausage on flatbread with red pepper hummus and marinated olives; and a center-cut pork chop with roasted pepper salad and apple-fennel mash, which's much more nutritious than its monster counterpart, if not nearly as much of a graveyard smash. A rotating menu of daily specials include Saturday's ribeye grilled bone-in, Wednesday's lamb chop grilled with rosemary and mint, and Monday's pan-seared grouper, which really is just a despicable way to treat your fans. Oh. Grouper

The bar can whip up any cocktail that doesn't involve Tang, and is stocking plenty of wines and whiskies, while those five dozen taps pour a kaleidoscope of brews like Bell's Two-Hearted Ale, Hitachino Nest White, Tripel Karmeliet, and Ace Pear Cider -- but had Washington, Jefferson, and Adams been drinking that, they would've been known around town as the Founding Girlfriends