Mission Street Food's new Mecca

After moving around a lot, it's nice to finally have a place to call your own. Just kidding, Matt Stairs, you're traded again. Definitely not trading its first full-time brick n' mortar home for Mission Street Food, Commonwealth.

Spearheaded by the charitable mastermind behind MSF, Anthony Myint, Commonwealth offers a harmonious interplay of food n' form -- from its molecular gastronomized, yet still classically flavored, eats, to its minimalist-meets-modernist all-white interior featuring exposed brick and the resto's natural structural beams, a few suspended softball-sized globes that serve as light fixtures/makeshift terrariums for an assortment of plants, and a custom-built bar made with a blonde hickory, which once walked into said bar with a brunette hickory and a red hickory, and did something characteristically stupid. Unlike MSF's guest-chef pop-ups, Commonwealth's kitchen will be run solely by Bar Tartine alum Jason Fox, with a Cal-Med rooted menu that'll include pre-meal kombu-dusted, house-made potato chips with a malt vinegar foam (in lieu of bread n' butter), a marrow-stuffed squid entree with tamarind pork/shelling beans/black garlic/cilantro, and for dessert, the El Duderino, a take on a White Russian with a genoise cake topped with candied coffee beans, house-made coffee ice cream, a raw milk mousse, and diluted vodka set in gelatin to create tiny glorified Jell-o shots, not to be confused with glorified Jell-o shops, aka what Bill Cosby calls any place that sells food. Behind the bar'll be about 40 wines, half domestic, and a trio of bottled beer, one Japanese, one Belgium and one American, also the requisite trio needed to really ethnic-up that blonde joke.

The restos seating 45 to start, including four bar-side seats that're actually in the open kitchen, but will eventually expand to include outdoor patio seating adjacent to the parking lot, also the perfect vantage point to wave to Matty Stairs and his home on wheels.