Food & Drink

The Corner

When you were a kid, pretty much anything bad you did ended up with you standing in the corner, from hitting your sister, to talking back to your Mom, to making the Blair Witch Project. For one you'll actually want to stand sit in: The Corner.Set up in the former APO digs and partially owned by one of the old guys, The Corner's a dual-level drinkery serving comfort food and uniquely tweaked cocktails in both an upstairs lounge with dark leather booths and a gleaming white bar, and a rustic downstairs dining room boasting tables, chairs, and room-length banquettes done in stained, what kind of awesome kinky stuff was that dude into?!? Food prepped by a kitchen of former Starr chefs includes starters like shrimp in a blanket w/ kataifi-wrapped prawns and a mint/ garlic/ sambuca scamorza, plus biggies like a truffle and braised short rib-laden grilled cheese sandwich and, because it's what you do in Philly now, their own take on fried chicken, this one using a cider-brined bird that's flash fried and served with a Napa slaw -- what you got, Pep Boys?! Washing it all down're more fried chicken choice beers like Wittekerke Belgian Wheat and Boak's Monster Mash, wines, and a cocktail list of house specialties like a bourbon/ maple/ pumpkin/ lemon/ bitters Mother's Little Helper and the white rum/ Black Strap rum/ lemon/ chai/ bitters The Final Pillage, also what Europe used to optimistically sing back in the day, when sweeping up after a viking visit.Because fat is the new black, they're ending things with desserts like a cheesecake mousse w/ coconut tulle and a creme brulee w/ vanilla, star anise, and peanut praline, and once the weather's tolerable, they'll open an outdoor space so you can enjoy the air and...wait, who put these stick figures here? Oh crap!!