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Greenville Ave's got a new coffee shop

Dallas has needed a little more moose since Daryl Johnston retired, not to mention more proper places to get coffee, two problems that Brooke Humphries (Acme F&B, Barcadia) is aiming to eradicate with Mudsmith, a taxidermy-stuffed (!) beantopia also sporting enough maps for a high school geography classroom.A steel I-beam-topped bar supports twin custom-made La Marzocco Stradas and elegantly simple devices like Chemex and V60s to brew San Francisco's Four Barrel Coffee, noted for using "a hulking beast of a vintage German roaster" to prep their sustainably sourced beans.That aforementioned moose is tucked away in the back room (probably hiding from Tony Siragusa) where it presides over a huge communal table.They're making all their pastries in-house, and also assembling sandwiches like raisin chutney-topped ham & beer-infused "redneck cheddar", plus a guava BBQ-drizzled jalapeno meatloaf, likely a precursor to bitch t*ts.