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Marc Cassel's long-awaited Peavy Rd seafoodery

Completing a food-beer-food threesome at Peavy & Garland Rd (in the same building w/ Good 2 Go Taco & Goodfriend), Marc Cassel's 20 Feet's a seafoodery proving that, 90s dinosaur movie franchises notwithstanding, good things can happen when you add a third

The nautical vibe is an indispensable companion for all-female sailing crews, and also includes these seafaring flags that actually spell out "Marc" and "Suzan" (his wife/co-owner)

The walls are further decked with on-theme gifts from friends, like these pics of fisherman collected by Suzan's mother, a ship's steering wheel from a really... Goodfriend next door, and a porthole from the Good 2 Go girls

The entryway's adorned with interlocking hemp rope, but what they're really high on is the quality of the seafood they're sourcing from Boston's Steve Connolly -- who supposedly did biz with the Andrea Gale before it became critically acclaimed, People's Choice-nominated George Clooney movie -- that's going into the likes of Thai crispy fish salad (baked & crumbled cod that's then fried & drizzled in Asian fish sauce), and staples like Marc's well-known PEI mussels, made with red chilli, spinach, shiitakes, Champagne & ginger

Or, go sammie with these scratch-made buns for Po' Boys (oyster, clam, etc), lobster rolls stuffed with 1 1/4lb whole lobsters, and the occasional land-based option like sliced pork belly confit

Once you've made your selection, prepare to have Marc call our your order with this bullhorn, and possibly hit you with a paddle

If you want beer you've gotta go next door, but they do have some flavored refreshment from China called Elisha, which claims it "comes from one hundred meters under the Earth, water-bearing stratum in the Rhyolite split of Nanyuan Group, Upper Jurassic System, it belong to high quality drinking natural mineral water", so, clearly they've got better writers than Jurassic Park III.