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The Best Damn Biscuit Sandwiches in Dallas

Published On 09/06/2016 Published On 09/06/2016
Jack Mac’s Swill and Grill
Chicken Biscuit | Courtesy of Jack Mac’s Swill and Grill
Chicken Scratch

Fork and Knife Chicken Finger Biscuit Sandwiches

Chicken Scratch

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West Dallas

I don’t know what we all would do if we didn’t have Chicken Scratch’s colossal chicken biscuit sandwiches, but I know we would be lost. Start by ordering “The Foundry,” which is confoundingly juicy and crunchy fried chicken topped with mashed potatoes, beer-spiked whole-grain mustard, a slice of American cheese, and -- wait for it -- oregano-vinegar honey. It’s stacked a mile high, blackout-good, and, if eaten before a trip into the wilderness, will nourish you for days.

The Amy

Hypnotic Donuts

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It may be a donut spot, but Hypnotic isn’t skimping on the glory of the fried chicken biscuit sandwich. The Amy sandwich is chicken that’s been marinated for 24 hours in advance of you shouting “I must have the chicken biscuit!” at them, crisp bacon, pickles, a “Southwest spicy mustard,” cheddar, and a drizzle of honey. It’s not good for you; don’t even bother wondering. Just close your eyes, and enjoy Texas on a biscuit.

Courtesy of The Skellig

Fried Chicken & Biscuits

The Skellig

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Henderson/Lower Greenville

One of Dallas’ newest bars, sister spot to The Old Monk, has focused and fun bar food. Try the brats on pretzel bread, the better-than-fast-food double stack burger, or the addictive trio of fried chicken sliders on house-made biscuits. For 11 bucks, this trio comes with a smoky chipotle dipping-mayo, fries, and biscuits that are like delicious Devo hats. And get a cocktail, for fried’s sake.

Courtesy of Jonathon’s

Chicken and a Biscuit


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Oak Cliff

Between diner comfort food, Texas summers, and honest-to-goodness pepper heat, there’s an undeniable belly warmth at Jonathon’s. It’s like a Christmas sweater. The chicken is deep fried in a shattering-crisp breading of itself, after a Tabasco-warm buttermilk brine. The gravy and biscuits are scratch-made, a delicious sandwich that’s head-to-toe joy.

Biscuit Sandwich with Bacon

Bubba’s Cooks Country

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Highland Park

If you’re on Hillcrest, just go ahead and drive right past Chick-fil-A -- you don’t need a meal with a trademark symbol. Swerve instead into Bubba’s, part of the Babe’s Chicken House family, where buttery, crusty biscuits have been ladled with warm gravy and topped with bacon for decades. Their sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich is great, but their bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit (add a little butter if you’re celebrating) is even better, and under three bucks, too.

Courtesy of Ida Claire

Chicken in a Biscuit

Ida Claire

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Among the very good things that happening at Ida Claire is this towering chicken biscuit. The chicken is beer battered, hit with a seasoned flour of salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder, and lots of smoked paprika. Ida Claire GM Benjamin Woodring confirms that the gravy is house-made, a roux of bacon fat, butter, and coarse-ground black pepper, and the biscuits are made in-house everyday. “We aren’t shy about the butter,” says Woodring. “We mix them as little as possible to achieve the tallest biscuit we can. The goal is 3ft tall.” Crispy, beer battered chicken, peppery gravy, cut by spinach, in between a towering biscuit is all you’ll ever need.

Chicken Biscuit

Jack Mac’s Swill & Grill

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Chicken, like humans, like a good soak in the tub. At Jack Mac’s Swill and Grill, which is as much fun to say out loud (try it) as it is to read, their chicken gets a buttermilk bath. A big, painterly, over-easy Vital Farms egg -- ”The freshest egg I can find in TX!”, says owner Jack MacDonald -- tops this 10 buck sandwich. It’s straightforward and delicious.


Spicy Chicken Biscuit


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Lowest Greenville

There’s a raw sensuality to everything at Rapscallion. There are briny oysters, which are always George Clooney-level sexy, and a “duck and dumplings” dish that will raise your body temperature. For brunch, skip the fruit parfait, get the spicy chicken biscuit, which is a crispy chicken thigh topped with a honey-mala sauce and a shaved pickle. It’s surrounded by a house-made buttermilk biscuit, and, wait, why haven’t you already ordered it? You’re blushing.