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The Best Brunches in Dallas Right Now

Updated On 02/07/2018 at 04:59PM EST Updated On 02/07/2018 at 04:59PM EST
Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery

Bread Winners


When folks think "brunch" in Dallas, they think of this place
Some might say that Bread Winners is the undisputed brunch champion of Dallas. With a legendary selection of unique French toasts and savory-sweet treats such as jalapeño bacon and Cheddar waffles, there are plenty of delicious choices to help you blot up any overindulgences from the night before. If that didn't get you, maybe this will: frozen blood orange mimosas.



Bishop Arts District

Where the Southern low country meets Texas
This upscale Southern food paradise won't skimp on the good stuff when it comes to a hearty brunch. The jewel in the Hattie's crown is the shrimp and Cheddar grits with a Tabasco-bacon pan sauce, though the cornmeal griddlecakes are also worth ordering. Just like at your grandma's house, there's no chance that you'll leave Hattie's without falling into a light, but glorious, food coma.

The Libertine Bar

Lower Greenville

A seasonally changing menu home to "The World's Greatest Sandwich"
Sometimes, sitting on a bright and sunny patio on a Sunday morning/early afternoon doesn't sound like the best idea. While The Libertine does offer sidewalk seating, its dim pub interior is where brunch shrines. The hefty menu will live up to the hangover that sent you into the dark in the first place: The chicken-fried steak and eggs is a Dallas rendition that ranks among our city's best, while the World's Greatest Sandwich, loaded with fried egg, bacon, Gruyere, and plenty more, truly deserves its title.

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Spiral Diner

Fort Worth, Oak Cliff

An unassuming vegan spot packing a lot of flavor
Yes, one of the best restaurants in North Texas is a vegan restaurant. In a town that boasts of its stockyards, the original Spiral Diner in Fort Worth has turned many a meat eater into a veggie believer. Part of the reason that Spiral is so beloved is that it challenges patrons to notice that they're not eating a meat-filled greasy-spoon breakfast with offerings like migas, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and breakfast quesadillas.


Bishop Arts District

Hoity-toity French place nonetheless serving excellent comfort food
This upscale French bistro is the kind of place you get dressed up for, even at brunch. If you're looking to impress your foodie friends, you'll be hard-pressed to beat Boulevardier's Eggs Meurette with bone marrow, or the Legs and Eggs, a duck leg confit with stone-ground grit cakes and huckleberry preserves. The speciality brunch cocktail menu includes offerings like a chai-spiced Pimm's Cup.

HG Sply Co.

HG Sply Co.

Lower Greenville, Fort Worth

Here you wanna go for the bowls
All right, all this talk of stacks of pancakes and bacon-wrapped sausage sandwiches is great, but what about those who prefer their brunch on the healthier side of a heart attack on a plate? Well, HG Sply Co. specializes in filling yet (mostly) good-for-you customizable bowls, which allow customers to choose lean proteins to pair with veggie and grain combinations. As a bonus, the delicious brunch cocktails here are made with freshly squeezed orange juice.

Ten Bells Tavern

Oak Cliff

An award-winning mainstay with a killer country breakfast
The list of awards that this small, charming neighborhood bar's food has won is pretty staggering. But nine times out of 10, if someone is headed to Ten Bells for brunch, they're ordering the Country Breakfast, a heavenly to some, ungodly to others concoction of fried chicken breast, over-easy eggs, white-pepper gravy, and homestyle fries. You should make certain to block off the rest of your day if you choose to take on the Country Breakfast challenge.

Whiskey Cake Plano

Whiskey Cake


Freshly squeezed juices plus a wood grill, smoker, and spit for slow cooking
Plano's Whiskey Cake brings its reputation for hearty and savory offerings to its brunch menu with offbeat brunch dishes such as Thai cashew banh mi and fried green tomatoes. Another restaurant that offers fresh-squeezed or pressed juices, Whiskey Cake caters to those looking for booze-free options with drinks like the Jessica Wabbit, a lime, carrot, pineapple, and ginger concoction. For those who need some hair of the dog, there are trusty options like the Corpse Reviver #2 (Lillet fortified wine, gin, Cointreau, absinthe, lemon juice) or Irish coffee on hand.

Jonathon's Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff

An intimate, delicious restaurant in a crowded food neighborhood
Oak Cliff might be a foodie hotspot, but don't be fooled into thinking that the best brunch places are all in Bishop Arts District. Located along the Oak Cliff streetcar line on Beckley, Jonathon's is hard to miss on a Saturday or Sunday around brunch time because the line of people waiting for tables forms early. The menu is comfort food at its finest, but it's Jonathon's incredibly popular chicken and waffles that brings the devoted crowds.

Nicole Chavez

The Theodore

NorthPark Center

Believe it or not, you'll want to try the lobster roll
If eating at the mall invokes images of soggy food-court fries and soft serve, you clearly have never been to The Theodore at NorthPark Center. An upscale restaurant that resembles the set of any given Wes Anderson movie, The Theodore's brunch offerings are equally quirky and cult-worthy. After all, when was the last time that you had a warm Newport lobster roll for brunch?

Old Monk

Henderson Ave

Tons of beer options, a patio, and all the traditional brunch items you crave
Henderson Ave is one of the most popular stretches of road in Dallas. There's no shortage of options up and down Henderson if you're looking for a night out, and when it comes to the best place to cure your next-day hangover, Old Monk is the spot. The pub features a draft and import list that's almost a mile long, as well as carafes of mimosas and gut-sticking dishes like chicken biscuits and gravy.

Jasper's Plano


Plano, Richardson

Where meat lovers go to church on Sundays
Founded by nationally renowned chef Kent Rathbun, Jasper's is a house of worship for the meat lovers of the metroplex. So it only makes sense that its brunch menu is stuffed to the gills with carnivorous delights. The owners like to describe their offerings as "gourmet backyard cuisine," and with a description like that, you'd be a fool not to try the brunch-exclusive prime rib hash. Maybe pair it with some potato-leek hash browns? Why not?

Nazca Kitchen - South American Cafe

Nazca Kitchen


Where you can avoid eating yourself into a food coma
Looking for something lighter and fresher than eggs and bacon? If so, Nazca Kitchen is what you're looking for. With acai bowls, plenty of chorizo, and specialty coffee blends, Nazca caters to the brunch connoisseur who doesn't feel like inhaling a week's worth of calories in one meal. With a new location open in West Village, expect Nazca to become a hot destination for Uptown brunch seekers.

Mudhen Meats and Greens


Dallas Farmers Market

Not quite health food, but you can feel great eating here anyway
Located in the heart of the Dallas Farmers Market, this brunch spot emphasizes its dedication to meats and greens by offering fresh and generous portions of both. Using non-GMO and locally sourced ingredients (when possible) makes this a favorite of fans of healthy brunch fare. They also earn extra points for being eager to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs from vegans to paleo devotees.



Downtown Dallas

A lively Italian restaurant with '50s style
If fantastic brunch food paired with the most see-and-be-seen location in Dallas is your style, Americano should be your first and only destination. Located on the ground floor of the Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas with a perfectly located patio, Americano offers a high-end spin on brunch comfort food favorites such as egg Benedict pizza and ciabatta French toast. The well-crafted brunch cocktail list alone is worth a reservation.

The Porch Restaurant

The Porch


A casual, home cooking–inspired joint with great spinach dip
If the name didn’t immediately make it clear, The Porch brings a home cooking twist to a gastropub-inspired brunch menu. While pancakes can be had, brunch at The Porch leans much more heavily on the savory side. Hearty dishes such as chicken chilaquiles and the croque madame sandwich are brunch menu favorites. Specialty cocktails with fresh ingredients like their smoked pineapple margarita and a blackberry basil limeade offer a fresh and fruity counterpoint to all those savory offerings.


Lower Greenville

A well-lit mecca of dry-aged meat with a custom wood rotisserie
Brought to you by the same team that created Boulevardier in Bishop Arts District (see above), Rapscallion brings a down home heartiness to brunch. Traditional offerings like biscuits and gravy or shrimp and grits bring a distinctly Southern feel to brunch. But let’s face it: It doesn’t get any more legit than Rapscallion’s chicken fried steak platter. Food comas are virtually guaranteed.