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6 Perfect Dallas Burgers That Are $6 or Less

Published On 08/25/2016 Published On 08/25/2016
Uncle Uber's burger Dallas
Courtesy of Uncle Uber’s
Liberty Burger

The Liberty Burger ($6)

Liberty Burger

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Multiple locations

Have you been to Liberty Burger yet, and what’s wrong with you if you haven’t? To put it honestly, Liberty Burger is a chain that doesn’t suck. The namesake burger, with curtain-y lettuce, red onion, and pickle, is one of Dallas’ most reliable and cheap burgers next to Hopdoddy. Ask for it with a little pink, and you’ll wonder how in the name of the meat gods it could be so good for the price of six bucks.

Stock Cheese ($4.95)

Off-Site Kitchen

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Trinity Groves

One of the best things about waiting for your burger at Off-Site Kitchen is hearing the hiss. Behind the register, OSK slides house-ground burgers -- Angus chuck and shoulder -- onto the smoking-hot flat top. Salted nicely, the Stock Cheese ($4.95) gets a hard sear, letting that magical crust form, and American cheese curtains around the patty.

Uncle Uber's

Single cheeseburger ($4.32)

Uncle Uber’s

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Deep Ellum

Uber’s specializes in great sandwiches that are so good you’ll experience swear-they-were-real visions of ranch dressing waterfalls and dancing naked in ketchup, but they also have a spot-on cheeseburger. Across the street, Angry Dog is making thicker cheeseburgers, but Uncle Uber’s has a drop-dead good, better than Angry Dog’s, single ($4.32 after tax) and double cheeseburger ($6.48 after tax with cheese) on a puffy-soft bun. It’s OK, embrace the visions.

Cheeseburger ($4)


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White Rock Area

Dairy-Ette knows what you love. A drive-thru that has given a damn since 1956, they’re nailing it -- flat-top-sizzled beef with American cheese, chopped white onion and lettuce and pickle -- with heartfelt accuracy and ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Don’t pull into Dairy-Ette expecting anything designer or artisan. There are no aiolis or foams here: just good, old-fashioned four buck cheeseburgers and crunchy tater tots.


Cheeseburger ($2.65)

Keller’s Drive-In

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Lake Highlands

You already know this, but the original Keller’s Drive-In is a must stop for anyone that loves sandwiches, humans, eating in cars, bacon, toast, or Texas. The speckled-poppyseed bun and disc of white onion below their thin patties makes Keller’s simple burgers pop. It’s a cheeseburger delivered without irony (this is important) right to your window for less than a Frappuccino at $2.65 after tax.

Hamburger ($5.90)

J’s Breakfast and Burgers

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Let’s talk about what you can do at J’s. At the three-decade old, 24/7 greasy spoon, you can smoke real cigarettes, and eat hamburgers. You can drink coffee from a real mug, read the paper, smoke, and eat a lot of burgers. It’s diner heaven, basically. J’s burgers come with perfect grillmarks and arrive hot and juicy. It’s everything you want in a just-under-six-buck burger ($5.90). Add cheese if you have a couple of dimes floating around.

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1. Liberty Burger 5181 Keller Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75248 (Far North Dallas)

This family-owned joint beloved by Texans brings burgers and booze together to form the tastiest of unions in a million different variations. Beef and bison sit atop thick multigrain buns in creations like the chipotle bbq Wild West and the double decker Baby Bella, while lamb bases the classic Jackie O and The Traitor sticks to grilled chicken. The indulgence doesn't end there -- creamy concoctions of rich custard and Parton meld in boozy shakes like the coffee-flavored Lebowksi.

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2. Off-Site Kitchen 331 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212 (West Dallas)

With a passing glance at Trinity Park's Off-Site Kitchen, which on the outside appears to be any hold abandoned, vine-covered house, you'd be stunned to find its modern, lofty interior and mural-lined back patio that puts others to shame with its bar game selection. Locals stay for pitchers of domestic drafts and a game of pool, but the reason they flock in the first place is for a bite of the cheap "Murph-style" burger, an angus patty stacked with jalapenos, bacon relish, cheese, and the ultra-secret house sauce.

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3. Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop 2713 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226 (Deep Ellum)

It's no surprise that one of the best sandwich shops in in the city is nestled in Dallas' historic Deep Ellum (they've got all the good stuff). Operating like an old-school deli, the bare-bricked Uncle Uber's serves up classics like the the Cuban, quirky specialties like the Veggie BunME, and downright deviously tasty stuff like shaved ribeye steaks and glutenous quarter-pound patty burgers. And no self-respecting Deep Ellum restaurant would be caught dead without a draft selection from the Deep Ellum Brewery.

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4. Dairy-ette 9785 Ferguson Rd, Dallas, TX 75228 (Northeast Dallas)

When we say this diner is old school, we really mean old school. What looks like a dinky abandoned gas station is, on the inside, an unembellished restaurant consisting of a mere grill, counter, bar, and a few red leather booths. The basic menu and dirt-cheap prices certainly don't speak for the level of quality here -- the stackable patties, fresh tomato and melty cheese come on a fluffy bun for next to nothing, so you can load up on massive onions rings with a tall, frosty stein full of root beer.

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5. Keller's Drive-In 6537 E Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75231 (Northeast Dallas)

In true 1950s fashion, Keller's serves up everything from it's short menu to the comfort of your driver's seat for no more than a few bucks. One doesn't come here for variety or to be met with many options -- everyone walks away with some variation of meat on their signature poppyseed bun. Beef, chicken or ham is chosen, and from there's it's all a matter of piling it up with cheese, bacon, and sauces.

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6. J's Breakfast & Burgers 14925 Midway Rd, Addison, TX 75001 (Addison)

The dingy outward appearance and smell of cigarette smoke still aren't enough to stop the Addison crowd from stopping by this place at all hours of the day and night for their food, which is really saying something. Whether it's at mid-day or three in the morning, you're likely to find more than a few green leather booths full of those looking to fuel up on a big plate of eggs and hash, a gravy-smothered chicken fried steak, or, most often, a downright devious burger with a thick beef patty and multiple slices of melty cheese.