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Don't tell Doug Free, but… these are the best five donuts in Dallas

Donuts. Yeah, didn't think you'd need much more than that. Here are the five best ones in Big D.

Cane Rosso
Cane Rosso
Deep Ellum
The Must-Get Donut: Zeppole
It's really very simple. You already know Cane Rosso makes some of the best dough in the known universe, so you shouldn't be surprised that when they take that dough, fry it, top it with chocolate sauce, sprinkle it with powdered sugar, and give it an Italian-sounding name, the result is one of the best dough... nuts in the known universe.

Pookies Donuts
Northwest Dallas
The Must-Get Donut: Jalapeno Bacon
Look. All we're saying is that just about everything in life can be made better if you add a little jalapeno and bacon to it.
Hypnotic Donuts
Hypnotic Donuts
The Must-Get Donut: Mount Saint Hell Yeah
So, take a normal Sin'namon roll (which's a yeast dough "specially prepared" for extra cinnamon storage) and top it with a ton of A) maple icing, and B) bacon, and you'll get C) this. D) Awesome.
Glazed Donut Works
Glazed Donut Works
Deep Ellum
The Must-Get Donut: Achocolypse Now
Dallas's hottest donuteria may have just dropped a GRILLED CHEESE DONUT on our arteries, but we're not entirely sure that doesn't actually count as one of Dallas's best sandwiches instead, so we're defaulting to the Achocolypse Now on this one. Chocolate yeast donut? Duh. Bourbon-chocolate pastry cream filling? Duh-er. Dark chocolate icing? Um… topped with crumbled chocolate cake and chocolate ganache? We really wanna see When Harry Met Sally-era Meg Ryan eat here.
Aaron Miller
Mustang Donuts
University Park
The Must-Get Donut: Glazed
Sometimes, you just need a good, old-fashioned donut place… frequented by SMU chicks. Enter Mustang Donuts... and hopefully more SMU chicks. Their plain glazed numbers are probably still the best in Dallas proper.
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1. Pookies Donuts 6522 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209, Dallas, TX 75209

Pookie's Donuts cooks three batches of donuts and other delicious treats daily, but they never last long. Make sure to show up early so you can get your hands on the elusive donut that goes by the name "Michael Jackson".

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2. Cane Rosso 11909 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75230

From a Sorrento-trained Neapolitan specialist who for a year's been operating a mobile pizza catering truck, Cane's a dine-in/take-out nook tucked inside Chocolate Angel Too: a dainty confectionary that, for three evenings a week, is letting Cane commandeer its space to sling the foodstuff men binge on after getting dumped by someone who can't see how beautiful they are on the inside, and only cares about what their friends think, as if they have such great relationships anyway. Geez.

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3. Hypnotic Donuts 235 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201

The guys who brought you creations like the Evil Elvis, Canadian Healthcare, and chicken biscuits so good that you feel like you better understand the meaning of love have taken their talents to the city of Denton to create some of the most incredible and ridiculous concoctions ever made in the history of donuts.

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4. Glazed Donut Works 2644 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

Hand-crafted, small-batch donuts in flavors like Pineapple Rum Upside-Down Fritter, Bananas Foster Fritter, Rasberry Glazed, Blind Limoncello, and The Elvis Killer: peanut butter, bacon, banana, and honey.

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5. Mustang Donuts 6601 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, TX 75205

Close to SMU, Mustang Donuts opens early for those looking for a morning sugar rush or something to do besides going to class. Make sure to bring your piggy bank because this place is cash-only.

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