The Best Things to Eat and Drink at Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field This Season

Brisket Egg Rolls, Alligator Corn Dogs, and Mac and Cheese Nachos—it’s baseball time in Texas, alright.

Golden Chick at Globe Life Field, Arlington
Casey Rapp
Casey Rapp

Back in the day, snacking at Major League Baseball games was pretty much limited to hot dogs, popcorn, and those peanuts and Cracker Jack that people are so fond of singing about. But the Bigs have kept up with our food-obsessed times, granting gameday visitors the option to partake in unique creative culinary experiences between innings. Each year, Arlington's Globe Life Field treats Rangers fans to a roster of potential all-stars, and this year is no different, with eight new menu items that might just prove popular enough to become permanent headliners inside the multi-level venue.

We’ve got the scoop on all the new eats (plus one batty beer) as well as details about three brand new stands making their league debuts this season. Check out these game-changing rookie prospects, then decide whether they should change the lyrics to “Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack—and while you’re at it throw in an Alligator Corn Dog.” (Or maybe something that rhymes a little better.)

Hurtado Barbecue
Hurtado Barbecue

Arlington Eats

Section 101
Located near Section 101, this newcomer hosts Arlington restaurants in a pop-up format that changes after each series of home games. The first restaurants to be part of the local showcase include Hurtado Barbecue Co., Ella B’s Restaurant, and Prince Lebanese Grill.

Alligator Corn Dog at Globe Life Field, Arlington
Casey Rapp

Alligator Corn Dog

Bullpen Grill (Section 125)
The State Fair meets Cajun Louisiana in this on-the-stick offering featuring a slightly spicy alligator andouille sausage hand-dipped in corn batter then fried to perfection. A side of crispy french fries rounds things out.

The Beer Bat at Globe Life Field, Arlington
Steven Lindsey

The Beer Bat

Bars 12, B11, 126, 225
Batter up! Get one of these new clear plastic bats branded with the Texas Rangers 50th anniversary logo. As you’ve probably already guessed, they come filled with beer, but what you might not know is that you get it topped off with any draft beer you like (granted they’re sold at the stands).

Brisket Egg Rolls at Globe Life Field, Arlington
Texas Rangers

Brisket Egg Rolls

Go Deep Fried (Sections 121, 225, 230)
Dreams came true for one baseball fan who created this crave-worthy menu item as part of a recipe competition in 2020. Now available for everyone to enjoy, each crunchy egg roll wrapper is stuffed with smoked-onsite brisket and served with Togarashi-seasoned fries and a dollop of Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce.

Boomstick at Globe Life Field, Arlington
I Love Arlington TX


Section 132
Think of this as the wild and wacky food trend imbued with flavor combinations that are as tasty as they are Instagram-worthy. The Boomstick debuted in 2013—all two feet of it—as the hot dog to end all hot dogs, topped with chili, cheese, jalapeños, and fresh onions. The whole thing weighs about five pounds, so it’s kind of a good bicep workout, too.


Chicken Fried Brisket Sandwich at Globe Life Field, Arlington
Casey Rapp

Chicken Fried Brisket Sandwich

Sweet Baby Ray’s (Section 125)
House-smoked Nolan Ryan beef brisket is sliced thick then battered, deep fried, and layered on Texas toast with pickles, red onions, and Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce. It’s the perfect marriage of two Lone Star faves—chicken fried steak and barbecue brisket—that you’ll want to keep all to yourself.

Golden Chick at Globe Life Field, Arlington

Golden Chick Loaded Fries

Golden Chick (Section 128)
Beloved fried chicken chain Golden Chick has taken their signature Lotta Zing Battered Fries and piled them high with bacon bits, Ricos Nacho Cheese sauce, and jalapeños. Grab a fork and lots of napkins—they’re messy, for sure, but so damn good.

The High Ball Bar

Near 421 Food Hall (Section 223)
Ballparks aren’t all about beers and brats any longer. Sure, you’ll find them at this soon-to-debut bar area, but the focus here is squarely on wine and specialty cocktails. The vibe is definitely more cocktail lounge than concession stand, too, with comfy sofas, lounge chairs, and other plush seating options.

Cornbread Chili Pie Dog at Globe Life Field, Arlington
Casey Rapp

Cornbread Chili Pie Dog

Sections 132, 225
If a Frito Pie and a hot dog had a baby, this might be it. Freshly baked cornbread serves as the bun, holding an all-Angus beef hot dog topped with Texas Chili’s chili, shredded cheddar, and Ricos jalapeños. Baddabing, baddaboom.

Mac and Cheese Nachos at Globe Life Field, Arlington
Casey Rapp

Mac and Cheese Nachos

Sections 132, 225
If adding cheese makes any dish good, adding even more cheese always makes it better—and ditto that sentiment when it comes to carbs. Enter the Mac and Cheese Nachos: Tostitos tortilla chips get slathered in Ricos Nacho Cheese sauce then smothered in a heaping scoop of gooey macaroni and cheese, pico de gallo, Ricos jalapeños, and a touch of sour cream to cool it all down.

Impossible Vegan Bratwurst
Impossible Foods

Vegan Bratwurst

Vegan Cart (Section 101)
The vegan options at Globe Life Field continue to grow, and this specific number is bound to make plant-based ballgame traditionalists happy. An Impossible Vegan Bratwurst arrivs on a fresh, locally baked vegan roll, topped with grilled onions. Simple and delicious.

Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich at Globe Life Field, Arlington
Casey Rapp

Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich

Sections 101, 205
Give a bite of this next ticket item to any carnivore and they’d be hard-pressed to distinguish this vegan bird from the real deal. Mixed with vegan mayo, grapes, and celery, the whole shebang is served atop heartily sliced vegan bread and complemented by an order of chips.

421 Food Hall

Section 225
The Texas Rangers’ first game took place in Arlington on April 21, 1972, and this still-under construction vendor lineup’s name serves as a nod to that date. Though not a food hall in the traditional sense, the complex will feature buffet-style dining with picnic tables and high-tops, plus an exclusive lounge reserved for season ticket-holders.

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Steven Lindsey is a contributor for Thrillist.