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The Best Pizza Places in Dallas

Updated On 10/20/2017 at 05:38PM EST Updated On 10/20/2017 at 05:38PM EST
Cane Rosso
Cane Rosso
ENO'S Pizza Tavern

Eno's Pizza Tavern

Bishop Arts

Thin-crust pizza that goes great with a cold local brew
Pizza and quality beer go together like a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning. Both are nice but can feel like heaven when you cram them together. This Bishop Arts favorite serves 14- and 16-inch pies with a delicate, thin crust that crunches loud enough to echo off the walls of this bright, naturally lit pizzeria. You should pair the slices with one of the rotating local craft brews, served in full glasses or as flights if you want to sample a bunch.

Cadillac Pizza Pub


Neighborhood bar meets New York-style, wood-fired pizza
Every bar patron usually has to go to another place for a bit to eat if they want something more complex than a bag of chips or a handful of pretzels that have probably been touched by everyone in the place. Thanks to its live music and a wide variety of beers on tap, this pizza pub located on McKinney’s downtown square looks and sounds every part the bar you crave visiting after a hard day's work. The only difference is you don’t have to call another place to get a decent slice since it's got a wood-fired pizza oven. Cadillac bakes tasty New York pizzas made with fresh dough and sauce as well as veggies, herbs, and sausage that come from Texas sources.

Serious Pizza

Deep Ellum

Giant slices for the most gigantic, late-night appetites
If you’re in Deep Ellum when the sun isn’t up and you haven’t eaten since before a big show or since you started bar hopping, Serious Pizza should be somewhere near your pub-crawl finish line. This culinary staple of Dallas’ live music scene doesn’t just serve up some of the tastiest pies in the neighborhood, but the largest, too. They're some of the biggest slices in all of Dallas and almost require the full length of your arm if you plan on eating one with your hands.

Courtesy of Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza


Quick, oven-fired pies that don’t skimp on quality
Maybe you don’t feel like waiting for an artisan chef who carefully places each pepperoni on each pie as if he were laying a newborn baby down for a nap in their nursery crib. You just want a great pizza that doesn’t require a reservation or a day’s head start to enjoy. If you’re Arlington, you can grab a great thin-crust slice that doesn’t take long to prepare but tastes like it’s been a long, slow, arduous process to bring it from the wood-fired oven to your plate. They also offer dishes like the Art Lover pizza covered with artichokes, ricotta, and drops of red sauce; and the Green Stripe, a grilled-chicken pie with a pesto drizzle.

Grimaldi's Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria


A nationally regarded chain with a nice selection of fancy toppings
Actually going to New York for authentic Brooklyn thin-crust pizza is nothing but a waste of frequent flyer miles. Uptown has this Grimaldi's location, which looks like someone airlifted a pizzeria from Brooklyn and plopped it right down in the West Village shopping district. Its coal-fired pies also come with a wide variety of toppings from basics like pepperoni and bell peppers to fancier filler like pesto and Kalamata olives -- for those looking for more than just recovery from a night of drinking.

Carmine's Pizzeria

North Dallas

Your choice of two styles of New York pizza under one roof
Are you having trouble deciding between the traditional slice of New York pizza or something a little thicker when you need extra carbs to suck up all that excess alcohol? There’s only one place to go in North Dallas. This New York-style haven dishes out pizza by the slice or the pie depending on your appetite and/or the number of people in your party. You can down a traditional, triangular slice or two or a square slice or two of Bensonhurst deep dish if you’ve got a hankering for something thicker and don’t mind being seen in public eating pizza with a knife and fork.

Cane Rosso

Cane Rosso


Authentic Neapolitan pizza crafted by master chefs  
Pizza doesn’t always have to be a greasy spoon affair where people don’t look at you weird because you’re wearing cargo shorts and a Def Leppard T-shirt. Once in a while, you can dress like you actually care about your wardrobe and go for pizza that a little more on the fancier, four-star side without paying a four-star tab. This legendary Italian eatery serves Neapolitan-style pizza made by a master chef certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana and using only the best ingredients for the most mind-altering pizza you’ve ever tasted.

Bona Pizza

Preston Hollow

Great, greasy, fairly priced slices where you'd least expect them
Just because you’re in a part of Dallas where the people pay some of the highest property tax bills in the whole city doesn’t mean you can’t find a pizza place that won’t break your bank account. This neighborhood favorite serves up homemade pizzas that you can fold and scarf down with your hands so that none of the delicious toppings even have a chance of escaping before their place on the slice reaches your lips. They also offer some variety if you’re bored with the traditional red sauce and cheese types like a Greek pizza with feta cheese and the rosemary chicken pizza pie.

Tutta's Pizza

West Dallas

Sporty-looking bar serving fancy slices covered with smoked meats
On the other end of the economic spectrum, you don’t have to go to the mansion-filled neighborhoods for a fancy slice of pizza. This pizza place that’s stuffed in a traditional sports bar has some of the meatiest pizza concepts in the entire city from its Texan pizza -- covered with smoked brisket and a signature BBQ sauce -- to the Dirty Dough -- a smoked and pulled pork, chicken and brisket creation with more meat on it than a football team’s linebacker pool.

Greg Blomberg

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

Lower Greenville

Friendly neighborhood slice joint with daring toppings
If you’re stumbling out of a rock show at the Grenada and need to work out the ringing in your ears with some chewing, try sticking the slices from this local favorite between your teeth. The Greenville Avenue staple offers some of the strangest sounding but delicious pizza recipes using things you’ve never thought about putting on thin crust pizza. Some of the stranger favorites including the summer BBQ pizza with toppings like orange chipotle BBQ sauce, smoked brisket, and dill pickle, or the bacon chicken pizza with a pesto sauce drizzle.

Olivella's Neo Pizza Napoletana

West End

An ancient family recipe feeding Dallas’ biggest sports fans
Rooting for the Dallas Stars or the Dallas Mavericks can work up quite an appetite especially if it looks another season where a championship win is more elusive than with each passing game. This pizza place near Victory Park often stays open for the postgame crowd for fans who have a hankering for its classic, family pizza recipe covered with in-house made mozzarella and imported Italian tomatoes. The owners trace their recipe's roots back to the third pizzeria to open in Italy's history.

Tony's Pizza and Pasta

Lake Highlands

Sicilian square pizza served in a simple, classic Italian restaurant
Sometimes you don’t need a place with a flashy setting that tries to transport you to some other place in the world when all you want is just a good slice of pizza. This family-run, Lake Highlands favorite looks like your basic all-American Italian restaurant where the staff is more concerned about making you the best slice of pizza you’ll ever eat instead of sticking 60-inch TVs your face and blinding you from the shine of chrome-plated beer tabs. The Neapolitan and gourmet pizzas are good no matter your taste, but its Sicilian square pizza -- great for its light, crispy crust -- can please the pickiest of palates.

Rachel Lee

Urban Crust


Upscale wood-fired pizza joint with a rooftop ice bar
This Plano place on the Downtown square takes some gutsy risks with its pizza creations, and it always pays off if you dare to try them. For instance, one of its monthly specialty pies called the Boscaiola comes topped with butternut squash, shiitake mushrooms, and Moroccan olives on a traditional pizza. The combination of toppings and the wood-fired oven will do a pleasant tango on your tongue, and you can wash them down with one of its draft beers -- always poured at exactly 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pizzeria Testa


An authentic Italian spot literally built with 100-year-old bricks
The term “pizza” has been co-opted by just about every civilization since they first left Italy way back when. This downtown Frisco pizza place brings authentic Italian pizza back down to its most essential elements to create pizzas that may seem small compared to the usual oversized delivery fare. However, the fresh ingredients and simple recipes give them more flavor than any chemically treated pie from a massive pizza chain could ever hope to achieve. Fun fact: The exposed bricks in the dining room are all reclaimed and more than a century old.

Taste of Chicago


The best bet for thick, traditional Chicago-style pizza
Deep-dish pizza is an interesting culinary anomaly. It looks like a massive cheese-and-tomato-sauce casserole, but it bursts with flavor and can keep for days if you don’t have enough people to help you finish off a whole pie. The closest you’ll get to authentic Chicago-style pizza is this Addison eatery that serves up some very generous portions, along with traditional and thin-crust pizzas for people who actually know and care about their carb intake from meal to meal.

ZaLat Pizza

South Dallas

You can't do better for a late-night fix
Thankfully, we no longer have to depend on the big pizza restaurant chains for late-night slices thanks to local spots like this pizza place that stays up for its hungry customers. Guests can stumble in as late as 2am for a thick slice of pepperoni and mushroom or something a little more complex. There are a few different locations, and thanks to services like UberEats and Doordash, you can get them delivered as well.