RIP: 11 shuttered Dallas bars and restaurants that we'll miss

2014 was an exciting year for new bars and restaurants in Dallas. As the year comes to a close, we reflect on some of our favorites that closed and the things that we’ll miss about them.

David Maez


We'll miss people-watching (aka checking out attractive people in bathing suits) and drinking while swimming, which is always a safe combination.  

July Alley

Deep Ellum
We'll miss all of your Deep Ellum divey-ness, your pinball machines... oh, and our dog will miss the dog-friendly patio (he told us to mention that).

The Mason Bar

Mason Bar

We'll miss the charm of this actual Masonic Lodge-turned bar. Of course, now, in true Dallas fashion, the location will be knocked down for a high-rise.


Bishop Arts
We'll miss being able to get killer seafood in Bishop Arts. Please come back in another location. Soon.

The Loon

Oh Loon, how we will miss your strong drinks, distinct green awning, and old jukebox... but more importantly, we'll miss our friends' reaction when we tell them we're at The Loon:
Friend:  "Where are you?" 
You:  "I'm at The Loon." 
Friend:  "Ah hell!"

David Maez

Glass Boot Biergarten

Auf wiedersehen, Glass Boot!  We hardly got to know you, but we’ll miss "big-as-your-face" beers and pretzels.   


We will really miss bartender Eddie Campbell.. wait, no we don't, because thankfully he has went on to open the instant-classic Parliament Bar in Uptown.  

The Slip Inn

Even before Henderson was a place to go, we had the Slip Inn. We'll especially miss the early '90s hip-hop that blared from the dance floor every weekend. Play some Biggie in its honor.

Hacienda on Henderson

Hacienda on Henderson

We’ll miss being able to get Tex-Mex on Henderson, and yet another dog-friendly patio.

Acme F&B

We’ll miss your quirkiness and off-kilter decor. At least an equally quirky restaurant/bar, Henry's Majestic, has opened in your place.

The Meridian Room

We'll miss Half-Price Food Wednesdays, and of course, karaoke on Thursdays. We'll have to find another bar in which to sing some Sarah McLachlan in remembrance.

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