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Finally, a chef willing to pour tequila on his food to make a point

Chef Nico Sanchez pours Tequila at Meso Maya, Dallas TX

You know how whenever you're at a restaurant, you have to annoyingly eat and drink things? Well, no longer, thanks to Meso Maya, which's now dipping, soaking, dunking, and cooking your food straight in a whole lotta tequila. But since tequila-infused stuff doesn't photograph all that well, we asked chef Nico Sanchez to help illustrate things better by pouring a bunch of tequila on everything (and then letting us eat/drink/lick all of the dishes).

Pouring tequila into queso at Meso Maya, Dallas TX

The Queso Flameado:
Queso with pork belly, Mazatlan shrimp, tomatillos, corn, and tostadas? Polite clap. Queso with pork belly, Mazatlan shrimp, tomatillos, corn, tostadas, and silver tequila? Slow clap turning into weepy standing ovation.

Pouring tequila over salmon at Meso Maya, Dallas TX

Herradura Salmon:
Charred Brussels sprouts, guero chiles, chayote puree, and crushed piquin chiles accompany this salmon, which's been cooked in a vat of reposado. And to really bring out the aromas and flavors and... other stuff, we added just a liiiiiittle extra on top.

Pouring tequila over tres leches at Meso Maya, Dallas TX

Tres Leches:
Here, he's taking a sponge cake, soaking it in milk and anejo, topping it with teq-infused whipped cream and berries, and then topping it some more with Texas pecans that -- like us after this photo shoot -- were perfectly toasted.