Cotton candy like you've never seen

Unless you're eating it at the state fair, or staring down a girl at The Fare, cotton candy isn't really meant for grownups. Aiming to rectify that with inventive cotton candy aimed at an adult crowd (and fit for artsy b&w photography!), the girl behind Fluffpop™.Eschewing artificial dyes to give a more refined white appearance to flavors such as lychee, peppermint, and caramel, the specially modded machine's also capable of churning out flavors based on hard candy like Life Savers, and they accept custom orders, so be sure to ask about Werther's Originals for the most grown-up cotton candy ever.The machine's also been configured to spin the cotton candy into denser, more tightly wound treats resembling a cake pop (like when Katy Perry covers Short Skirt/Long Jacket), or score snacks for Burning Man and get it wrapped around a glow stick.She can even make chocolate- or cappucino-flavored fluff to put on top of coffee, thereby saving that Reddi Whip for the VIP room.