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Presenting a bacon meatball sandwich, topped with bacon

Everyone's always telling you you can't go to a lamaze class because they're "only for pregnant women". Well you know what, everyone? People who read Thrillist stories about three-meat, double-bacon meatball subs have breathing problems, too.Available at Plano Rd's Zeno's Famous Meatball Kitchen, the "Blue Balls" features a whole friggin' pound of meatballs (made w/ bacon, beef, and pork), all topped with blue cheese and almost an entire pig's worth of other bacon.Yes, they've got a patio, but the view might actually be better from one of the 40 seats inside, thanks to these ball-themed posters.Back to the food: non-meatball-y eats include this mound of cheese that also comes with french fries.Or, if you want something totally in between: this dreamy number has beef balls smothered in cheese, topped with "awesome fries", and -- deep breaths -- ladled in pepper gravy.

Blue Balls, last bite, at Zeno's Famous Meatball Kitchen
Posters at Zeno's Famous Meatball Kitchen
Cheese Fries, at Zeno's Famous Meatball Kitchen
The Ball Buster, at Zeno's Famous Meatball Kitchen