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Dallas's first-ever gyro-mobile

Because Big Fat Greek Food Trucks are sooooo 2002, check out Little Greek Food Truck, a Little Greek restaurant offshoot run by a dude who used to work for the Ruthie's food truck empire

People with meat allergies can enjoy this pretty classic Greco salad..

... or just risk it and hope for the best with any number of pitas including this gyro (also available w/ chicken or "Greek chicken"), the Olympian (chicken or gyro), or a tzatziki- and feta-laden pita burger

Souvlaki options include char-grilled beef or these chicken skewers served on a bed (sexy!) of rice (oh...)

Follow it all up with cannolis or this baklava, the traditional nut- and honey-filled pastry that -- in true Greek form -- will turn your diet to ruin.