A movable feast of smoky goodness

The best plan involving smoking in the car since the first dude who kept the windows rolled up for maximum effect, OinknMoo BBQ is hitting the streets in a Cruising Kitchens-built truck equipped with a smoker that can handle 300lbs of protein. The breakdown:Oink: This pulled pork starts with a frequently shot-down bedroom request (bone-in butt) that's dry-rubbed & hickory/applewood smoked for half a day, or go grill-finished with spare ribs smothered in a sauce the owners took years to perfect.Moo: Bovine-wise, grab this whole packer brisket (smoked courtesy of the 49ers), or go for cubed burnt ends that're also smoked, then re-rubbed and re-smoked for a few more hours before getting a BBQ drenching.Or just get messy with a homemade sausage "Corn Hog" that they're calling "State Fair corny dogs on HGH", PignSlop (fries & beans covered in any two meats), and a gravy-laden chicken fried brisket that's sure to cause as much hunger as leaving the windows up.