A brisket-burger hybrid in Plano

Providing a Jumbo upgrade to an old Jack In The Box, Buffalo Bluez is the latest from former NYLO Plano chef Sean Cahill, a patio-equipped brisket-burger-topia complete with local taps (Franconia, Shiner...) and a working jukebox

The interior's less "fast food restaurant owned by an a dude with an antenna ball head", and more... this.

The vegetarian-pwning menu kicks off with apps like buttermilk-soaked boneless buffalo wings, fried jalapeño strips, and this Brizket Bowl: house-cut fries that're ZZ-Topped with cheese, pico, all your lovin', and slow-smoked brisket

Mains range from this Ranch Hand (burger topped with brisket, onion rings, pickles & BBQ), to chickeny numbers like the Bird in a Bun (pictured at the get go): marinated chicken breast, onion, avo, Swiss, and a pretzel bun topped with enough Mayo to get the Mavs to .500. Maybe

Orrrrrrrr, you can go for wraps like the Blue in a Blanket (brisket, Swiss, caramelized onion, mayo), the Burger in a Blanket (all the burg parts + "special sauce"), or the California Turkey Wrap, which they thankfully didn't Jack the price up on.