Vietnamese meets Cajun

Not actually a crawfish and pho place that only staffs aspiring actors who double as screenwriters and also up-and-coming musicians, LA Crawfish and Pho is instead a Houston transplant run by a Vietnamese family that lived in Louisiana for decades before moving to Texas

The counter-service 50-seater's located inside 99 Ranch, so expect wood floors, neutral walls, and old Chinese dudes smoking unfiltered cigarettes

Per the name, there're Cajun classics like these live jumbo crawfish (boiled with corn and potatoes), andouille sausage, king crab legs, and sausage & crab gumbo. Don't like seafood? Honey Badger don't care

There's also broth-y goodness like dac biet (eye of round beef, flank, brisket, tripe, tendon), this pho sate, and what Donatello shows off when he's lifting at the gym (bo vien)

Then there's a little of both, like this crawfish & andouille sausage pho

Of course they've got sides, like these crawfish-stuffed empanadas, plus fries (normal and... funnel-cake?), chicken wings, and what pretty much every LA waiter is after this time of year (spring rolls).