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Burgers with some serious pedigree

The El Shady Burger: chorizo, fried egg, cheddar, grilled jalapenos

Not just where Cheddar Bob goes to brainstorm words that rhyme with "bankruptcy", Shady's is also a neighborhood-style spot from a bunch of Richardson-area dudes with some serious resto background (like, super-mega-restaurant-chain serious) who wanted a place they could get a great burger "without having to drive to Frisco or Dallas".About half of the hundred-seater's... er, seats... are outside, where you can go from the deck to an open-air bar pouring a range of TX crafts from "good", to "better", to "best".The rest of the seats and another bar are inside a relaxed, airy feeling interior with a wood ceiling, wood floors, garage doors, and a wall by the bathroom made entirely outta doors that, weirdly, no longer let you Walk on Through to the Other Side.The burger menu was designed by the dude who founded the aforementioned super-mega restaurant chain, and counts El Shady (pictured at the onset, w/ chorizo, cheddar, fried egg & grilled jalapenos), and this avo-, grilled onion-, grilled jalapeno-, and white cheddar-laden number named after Bill Belichick's Xbox gamer tag (The Hood). Probably.Oh, and there're sammies, too, including this Porta-Mellow, or a fried egg-topped Bomb BLT, which -- were you to eat enough of them -- may just turn into a Mather of life or death.

The patio at Shady's in Richardson TX
The bar at Shady's in Richardson TX
The Hood: avocado, grilled onion, grilled jalapeno, white cheddar
Porta-mellow: portabellas, egg plant, cherry tomatoes, arugula, goat cheese, pesto, lemon vin.